Articuno has been caught?!

Articuno has been caught?!

Articuno has been caught?!

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Someone in the Ohio area claims to be the proud owner of the legendary Articuno. Crazy right? User kaitcovey claims that the Pokemon Go’s developer, Niantic, sent the Pokemon to her as part of an apology to some issue. There is apparently video evidence of Articuno guarding a gym. In a Facebook group for Pokemon Go players, many claim to have seen the legendary bird guarding that gym.
Is it possible that Niantic is passing out legendary Pokemon as an apology?

A few alarms are going off in my head about this whole thing. There are only 4 legendary Pokemon in the original set (or 5 if you count Mew). Why waste them on apologies if you’re planning events for the future? Why did Niantic give her Articuno over a Ditto? Ditto isn’t a legendary but still has not made an appearance. Why couldn’t Niantic give her a region locked Pokemon (Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, and Kangaskhan)? Or even a rare Pokemon from her region for that matter? What’s wrong with awarding Stardust or PokeCoins? If this has happened once, then it has happened at least a 100 times; where are images of Moltres and Zapdos?

We also have to remind ourselves that we live in an age where amazing technology is available to everyone. People like to data mine and modify games to their liking just for fun. Pokemon fans in particular enjoy modifying the handheld console games, so let’s not assume the same thing has been done on Pokemon Go. It’s uncertain really at this point. Be aware that the posted video came before Niantic restricted the use of third-party apps, so chances of illegally modifying the game are higher. Video and image editing is also a thing to utilize.
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