Babylon 5 and Social Commentary

Babylon 5 and Social Commentary

Babylon 5 and Social Commentary

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Science Fiction and Fantasy have long been used as avenues of social commentary. From the first interracial kiss ever shown on TV thanks to Star Trek: TOS to Frank Herbert’s Dune and the obvious allusion to oil. Some series and writings show obvious correlations the first time you ever experience them, but others are subtler and become obvious over time (or with age). One such example of the latter is Babylon 5.

b71917f6a250bba7cfd72befca75fbabBabylon 5 was about a space station that was built with one goal in mind: the last best hope for peace. A place where all races of the universe could come together and look passed their differences. B5 ran during the 1990s, a time of relative peace and great prosperity as far was the Western World is concerned. But B5 didn’t really speak to those current norms, rather it brought out subjects people hadn’t considered or had pushed to the side.

Why is this important now you ask? It’s important because we now find ourselves in a world filled with hate and animosity towards anyone who is different. Fear has festered and run rampant. Nations are being torn apart along religious sects and skin color. People born with different sexual identities are shamed, attacked, and villainized. Xenophobic governments have been empowered to spread their messages of hate and fear (i.e. Brexit and the election of D.T.). All of which is on display in B5, but here is where it shines.

Throughout its 5 seasons B5 hammers the point home over and over that fear can be and should be defeated. That xenophobia should be destroyed. That nothing can stop a person or group of people from changing the world for the 8fc60607b6f26a304feadfeeaaae3fc6better. To beat the Shadows (basically fear given form) dozens of races put aside their differences and united and said no more. When Earth Alliance becomes twisted into a xenophobic monstrosity, people stood up and said “no, we won’t let you pervert the dream.”

In this world we live in today we should all remember it is up to us to change it. It is up to us to look past flesh, sex, and religious views and by doing so create a better world. A world without fear. A world where we realize hate isn’t the way forward. A world where violence isn’t an option until all other options have been exhausted. SiFi and Fantasy can show us how to become better, but we are the ones who must do it.

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David Fisher
David Fisher

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