‘Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird’ Is Enjoyable And Well Imagined

‘Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird’ Is Enjoyable And Well Imagined

‘Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird’ Is Enjoyable And Well Imagined

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Disney Kingdoms: The Seekers of the Weird is the first title in the Disney Kingdoms comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The main focus of the Kingdom line is to tell new stories about characters, lands, and worlds of the Disney theme parks. The idea is to create a Disney shared comic book universe where all of the attractions co-exist with one another. The most avid Disney fans may not have heard of Seekers of the Weird and there is a good reason for that. The Museum of the Weird was an unused idea from one of Walt Disney’s Imagineers Rolly Crump. The museum was supposed to be attached to the Haunted Mansion but Walt died before the plan could be brought to fruition and the designs sat unused. This is another really cool aspect about all of the Disney Kingdom books;  they are all made in collaboration with Disney Imagineers who help to maintain the feel of the real world attractions.



The Seekers of the Weird  is a five issue miniseries written by Brandon Seifert with art by Karl Moline and colors by Jean-François Beaulieu. This story focuses around a brother and sister, named Maxwell and Melody Keep, who happen to belong to a very peculiar family. Their parents run a novelty store called “Keep it Weird” and, at first, they seem like your average mom and dad that run a business. All of that changes as soon as the kids return home from school to find their parents battling a room full of very strange creatures including a bear with octopus arms and dragon wings. So, this is Octo-Grizzly-Gon? The parents are kidnaped and taken away by these creatures. The ‘weird’ really turns up at this point and you are introduced to their adventuring uncle.  He shows them into a vault that leads, Doctor Who style, into an enormous museum of weird and strange things that they must navigate to find the items they need to rescue their parents.

Overall this is a very enjoyable series and it hits a lot of right notes in my book. The story is a fun adventure with just enough weird to keep me guessing. The plot points hit very smoothly and it feels well paced over its five issue run. It honestly felt like Wytches (except much, much less graphic and scary) meets Warehouse 13 but made by Disney.  Most people would automatically see the Disney tag on this book and shy away from it but trust me it is well worth the read for kids five years old or older.

Seifert does a very good job of making you care about these two kids by really getting into their personalities and their state of mind. The Uncle is a real treat as well and  gave me the ‘Tony Stark’ vibe without the outright humor.  There are some monsters and situations in this that may scare small children so use parental discretion. The art and colors are stellar throughout the entire series and really set the mood for each situation the kids encounter. I think that the Disney Imagineers that worked on this were able to inject the feeling of a ride like the Haunted Mansion into all aspects of this story. I cannot wait to see this as a collector’s hardback edition to see if they add in some of Crumps original sketches in the back!  I would recommend you read this and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird is available for digital download on Comixology  ,in trade hardcover on Amazon, and at your local comic book store (like The Nerd Store in West Valley and Tooele in Utah).


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