Let Your Imagination Take You On a Journey with ‘Disney Kingdoms: Figment’

Let Your Imagination Take You On a Journey with ‘Disney Kingdoms: Figment’

Let Your Imagination Take You On a Journey with ‘Disney Kingdoms: Figment’

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Figment, is the second series of books in the Disney Kingdoms comic book series by Marvel. This book is based on the ride Journey into Imagination, and is located at the Disney World Resort in the “Future -World” area of Epoct. The ride has been around since 1983 and has been a popular attraction there for years. It was so popular at one point George Lucas and Michael Jackson combined forces to create and attraction there called Captain EO. The current ride is narrated my Monty Python alum Eric Idle and takes you on a journey through your imagination with a tiny purple dragon named Figment.


This is a five issue series from author Jim Zub, artist Phillipe Andrade, and colors from Jean-François Beaulieu. The story is set in the early 1900’s in London, but it’s not quite the historical London, more like a steampunk version of it. The Steampunk theme is one that is a constant throughout the series as you follow an Inventor named Blairion Mercurial who works for the “Academy Scientifica-Lucidus” trying to come up with a new form of energy. He is a little bit of an eccentric and loves to work on his own ideas with the academy’s resources, for instance he creates a machine called the “Integrated Mesmonic Spark Convertor”.

This machine allows him to literally turn mind into matter. Blairion creates a small purple dragon named Figment and this is his imaginary friend from his childhood. He gets caught by his boss and is about to be fired when an accidental portal open. Blairion and Figment are transported to another world. Meanwhile a large hyper intelligent steampunk robot named The Singular crosses over to Earth, decides that it needs to be placed into order, and brings his army of robots over to do just that. Blarion and Figment go on a few great adventures into some really spectacular areas of this new world and meet some amazing creatures that help him try to get back home. All of this leads to a confrontation between Blarion and The Singular for the fate of Earth.

At first I did not think that I would enjoy this too much seeing as I am not that much of a steampunk fan. However, after reading through it, I changed my mind. The way that they show the landscape of this “Imagination-Land” really captivated me and especially the Audio Archipelago where there are a bunch of fairies that start out every speech bubble with the same letter. An example of this is when one of them said, “Back to base bearing our bagged belligerent buffoons”!

ChimeraFigmentThe artwork is really stellar but I give a lot of the credit the colorist, Jean-François Beaulieu. The blend of the colors that are used mesh seriously well together. I’m not saying that they all mesh and are almost one uniform color but more in the way that colors like teal and pink are contrasted with one another. The story itself is one of the don’t let your inner child die, keep your imagination alive, and you will be a happier person. I really like that message and agree with it.

Overall I did like the previous installment of Disney Kingdoms, Seekers of the Weird, with its Harry Potterish feel, a little but more. This mini series really did bring out my inner child and allowed me to tap into my imagination a little bit more  and for that I enjoyed it. This comic is worth picking up and reading for its art alone. If you really enjoy it, you are in luck because there is a follow up series called Figment 2 that continues the adventure!

Disney Kingdoms: Figment is available for digital down on comixologyIn trade hardcover on Amazonand at your local comic book store The Nerd Store in West Valley and Tooele in Utah. 

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