Memories of Columbia: All–New All-Different Daredevil #6

Memories of Columbia: All–New All-Different Daredevil #6

Memories of Columbia: All–New All-Different Daredevil #6

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So I’m going to start out with a disclaimer, I am a huge Daredevil fan. If you know me or listen to the podcast this will come as no surprise, and because of that this review may be skewed, but it’s out of love! So in this post Secret Wars Marvel universe there have been a few changes to say the least. One thing that has changed is that the identity of Daredevil is secret once again. The only person that knows that Matt is Daredevil is Foggy Nelson and for some reason Foggy is not happy about that so he and Matt go through another one of their bro breakups. They have yet to go back and explain why no one remembers that he is Daredevil, seeing as he came out and told the world he was, but we hope it will be brought forward by the end of this run.

Daredevil_6_Cover-600x911Matt has also changed jobs (kind of). He was a defense attorney but now works for the District Attorney as a prosecutor. This at first kind of bothered me a bit mostly because of the love I have for the history of Nelson & Murdock but I’ve since got over that. In the first arc Daredevil trains a new hero named Blindspot. Blindspot is an illegal Chinese immigrant who through the use of his really cool suit that can make him invisible and is setting out to be the guardian of Chinatown in New York. The team of Daredevil and Blindspot take down a religious leader named Ten-Fingers who was using stolen magic from The Hand to make people follow him. So, naturally, this led to gigantic mystical ninja fights and the good guys prevailed.

Now, onto the latest issue, it was written by Charles Soule, with pencils by Matteo Buffagni and colors by Matt Milla. Also an astounding cover from Bill Sienkiewicz. This issue we see the return of a character that is near and dear to most Daredevil fans, Elektra. At first I was interested to see how she was going to play out in this new universe. Then it hit me; she has no idea that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. She remembers Matt and knows that he is friends with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen but that’s it. So this really sets the stage for some really interesting stories, and there is a bombshell at the end of this issue that I refuse to spoil for you guys but trust me it’s HUGE!

Overall I really enjoyed this issue. It was very reminiscent of both the Frank Miller Daredevil stories with Elektra as Daredevil_Vol_5_7_Textlesswell as the more recent TV series on Netflix. I say this because of the way that they portray Elektra as that perfect kind of crazy; the kind that try as he might Matt Murdock can never get away from. The artwork on this All-New All-Different title has been very good and brought the title back to its noir-ish feel but this issue especially felt that way. The colors, that consist of mostly black white and red, really pop and give a lot to the gritty fear. This issue is a pretty good jumping on point if you missed the first five.

This title is available on Comixology , Amazon , and your local comic book store such as The Nerd Store in West Valley and Tooele Utah.

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