Requiem for Agent Carter

Requiem for Agent Carter

Requiem for Agent Carter

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Following the news that ABC has opted to not renew Agent Carter for a third season, I have decided to write this piece to explain why I have loved this show and the character of Peggy Carter so much. I’d like to say first that I cannot fault ABC in their decision to not renew the series. I know that they have had a rough time keeping the ratings up especially in the second season. That being said I am immensely sad that it is gone.

I’d say my love affair with Peggy Carter started the second that she beat up the soldier that was giving her lip at the boot camp for the super soldiers in Captain America: The First Avenger. It showed that she wasn’t someone who was going to let anyone stand in her way or tell her what to do. Since that moment watching her on screen has put me through all of the feels; whether it be when she would get the better of Howard Stark or in Winter Soldier when she broke my heart in that bed talking to Steve. She is the kind of woman that I someday hope to see my daughter grow into.


So when they announced that she would be getting her own TV show based on what she did right after the war working for the SSR I was ecstatic. I ran around and told anyone that would listen really to let them know that it was coming out and that they needed to watch it immediately. The first season did not let me down at all. It showed how she had to battle with the men in her office to get the respect she deserved. She was a badass from the first scene, she also could bring the emotion out whenever Steve Rogers was mentioned, and you could see that it was a real emotional wound. A wound that would never truly heal but she pushed past it and persevered.

The second season, though it was fun, felt like it lacked in some way. I can’t quite put my finger on what was missing but I thought that they were going to build a lot on what they started in the first season but they kind of just shifted to the west coast and started some new stories. However, that cliffhanger at the end of season two was amazing and I am sad that I may not get to see the conclusion of that. There is a fan petition going around to have Netflix pick up Agent Carter and I would love to see this happen so I can get some really good early S.H.I.E.L.D. stories.


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