Guns Can Marry Guns: Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

Guns Can Marry Guns: Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

Guns Can Marry Guns: Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

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Having my real first exposure to Green Arrow being primarily from the CW show Arrow, and the little bit parts he has had in both Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice cartoons, I was very excited to read this. I have a friend that has been in love with most of the characters that are connected to Oliver Queen and I have basically used him as my human Wikipedia when I first started watching Arrow (Thanks, Tom!). He was very turned off by the whole New 52 line from DC Comics, so much so that I believe he was only pulling one title a month. He said to me that he was sad that some of his favorite characters were acting so much different than the ones he remembered. I personally have, for the most part, enjoyed a lot that has come out of the new 52, but I can understand where he is coming from.

The new event that is happening in current DC comics is called DC Rebirth. You may have heard us talk b067_-_green_arrow_rebirth_gareb_cv1about this on the podcast, but in short, it is DC trying to bring back some of the feel and legacy from the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe. They kicked it all off with DC Universe Rebirth #1, which is a very well-written book by Geoff Johns. There they set in motion a big event that is going through the entire DCU. So we now have these little one-shot titles kind of setting the stage for the ongoing series to come

Green Arrow Rebirth # 1 was written by Benjamin Percy, with art by Otto Schmidt.

This issue takes place in Seattle, WA and focuses on the hero Oliver Queen A.K.A. the Green Arrow. It opens with Oliver being left alone after his date, who is a Republican Senator’s daughter, storming out of the restaurant due to Ollie being a quote “liberal pig,” and having a “sanctimonious holier-than-thou attitude,” and the biggest insult is that she said his beard was gross.  He then goes out on patrol after he starts hearing reports of homeless women and children being taken from the streets. He sees a figure in a black cloak dragging a kid away who is kicking and screaming so he intervenes. Only it turns out that the figure in the cloak was actually Black Canary, fishnets and all, and she is more than able to stop Green Arrow from shooting her. She then explains that she is going to take the kid to get cleaned and fed, so Oliver just takes them to his penthouse. They find out who has been taking the homeless people and go on an adventure together and learn more about each other in the process.

To me, this is the Ollie that I remember when I went back and read some of the Green Lantern, Green Arrow comics, so it already by this point felt more like the old universe. I didn’t think that I was really going to like this book as much as I did, but in the end I am so happy that I picked it up. Though this book had me smiling and laughing the whole time, it also made me a little sad, because I looked at how much fun the book was and thought about how opposite it was from the TV show. There they make this smart ass rich play boy who is all about social justice and righting wrongs and turned him into a depressed loner-type person who has more in common with Batman than his comic counterpart. So if you love the show this is a little different than that, but I’d say different in a much better way.


You can find this title at your local comic book shop such as The Nerd Store in West Valley, and Tooele Utah. On Amazon, and Comixology.

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