Funko Knocks It Out Of The Park With The ‘Suicide Squad’ Pops

Funko Knocks It Out Of The Park With The ‘Suicide Squad’ Pops

Funko Knocks It Out Of The Park With The ‘Suicide Squad’ Pops

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So as a Funko collector and a huge Harley Quinn fan it wasn’t going to be hard to impress me with the latest offering from the Pop! line, the Suicide Squad. With 18 various figures and variants (so far) this is one of the bigger lines to launch at once, rivaling the 19 unique figures for Civil War, and we are still a few months from when Warner Bros, will release the Suicide Squad movie.

The line is anchored by 4 versions of both Harley Quinn (Regular, Inmate (from Gamestop), Gown (from Hot Topic) and Dr Harleen Quinzel (from Walmart) and Joker (Regular, Boxer (from Target), Tuxedo (from Hot Topic) and Suit (from Walmart).

Here is the full checklist (so far) of Pop! figures (they are listed under the Pop! Heroes category (where you find most DC figures):

  • 96 – Regular Joker
  • 97 – Regular Harley Quinn
  • 98 – Deadshot
  • 99 – Rick Flag
  • 100 – Katana
  • 101 – Boomerang
  • 102 – Killer Croc
  • 103 – Diablo
  • 104 – Joker (Boxer) – Target Exclusive
  • 105 – Harley Quinn (HQ Inmate) – Gamestop Exclusive
  • 106 – Deadshot (Masked)
  • 107 – Joker (Suit) – Walmart Exclusive
  • 108 – Harley Quinn (Gown) – Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 109 – Joker (Tuxedo) – Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 110 – Enchantress – ??
  • 135 – Dr Harleen Quinzel
  • ??? – Harley & Joker Metallic 2 – Pack (FYE exclusive)

Most of the line is in the wild, with notable exceptions of the  FYE & Walmart exclusives and Enchantress, which is rumored to be part of the upcoming Legion of Collector box dedicated to Suicide Squad (you can order it here).

The level of detail is mighty impressive, for example on the regular Harley figure you can actually see that she had been writing on her legs (I wonder how many kids I have seen like this over the years) and in true form that means the writing is upside down:


20160609_223437 (2)

a closer look:

20160609_223437 (1)

Now that is a fairly cool level of detail on a figure smaller than 4″ and that retails for around $12. It isn’t just this figure, the details of the tattoos on Joker and Diablo are equally impressive, as are the scars on Katana and texture of Killer Croc’s head.

I have a lot of pops, and this line is quickly becoming one of my favorites as the variety of characters is as entertaining as the latest trailer for the movie.

In addition to the Pop! offering, Funko is also offering their blind box Mystery Mini option, with even more exclusive offerings. The base set is 12 figures, with 3 variant options from Hot Topic and 3 from Gamestop, the funniest thing is that it seems easier to find the versions from HT and Gamestop than it does to find the base set.  Of the hundreds of listings already on ebay the vast majority are for the exclusive figures, while the 3 figures replaced by the exclusives (same for both HT and Gamestop) have only been listed a couple of times.

Here is the checklist for the Mystery Mini figures (no particular order):

  • Killer Croc
  • Rick Flag
  • Harley Quinn (baseball bat)
  • Boomerang
  • Joker
  • Deadshot
  • Enchantress
  • Katana
  • Joker (shirtless)
  • Harley Quinn (gown)
  • Diablo
  • Deadshot (mask)

(most of the regular set)


  • Joker Tuxedo (Hot Topic)
  • GITD Joker (shirtless) (Hot Topic)
  • Enchantress Black (Hot Topic

(HT Exclusives)

  • Joker GITD (Gamestop)
  • Inmate Harley (Gamestop)
  • Joker (Boxer) (Gamestop)

(Gamestop Exclusives)

On top of this there are two Suicide Squad Pocket Pop Keychains (Harley and Joker) and there will soon be a line of Mopeez (Deadshot, Harley, Katana, Killer Croc, Joker) and a line of Dorbz (Deadshot, Enchantress, Harley and Joker) so no matter what type of Funko products you might like or collect they have you covered with Suicide Squad offerings. Oh and then just before the movie opens there is the little event called San Diego Comic Con and we know that there will be both a huge Funko and a huge Suicide Squad presence so it is likely we might get a few more products.

Always Buy Three (one to play with, one to keep in box, and one just in case)


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