Let The SDCC Madness Begin – Funko And More

Let The SDCC Madness Begin – Funko And More

Let The SDCC Madness Begin – Funko And More

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So while I won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be chasing some exclusives (via shared partners and having friends on the floor), so when Funko starts dropping their exclusives I like many folks feel my wallet getting lighter.  Here are the items they announced today as Wave 1:

So I am going to start with the ones that will be on my want list, up first Sex Bob-omb (3 pack)


How can you not love this one?  OK maybe you aren’t into Scott Pilgrim.  So how about something so sweet it is likely to give you cavities?  From Wreck-it-Ralph, a Vanellope Dorbz Ridez?


I am not a big Dorbz fan, but this one is probably going to have to end up in my collection, when they showed it on the Funko Periscope the level of details was mighty impressive.

So the final one to catch my attention is a new version of the Green Goblin, seems like they are making as many GG pops as Batman pops lately.  This one is a hodge podge of many variations, it is a GITD (Glows in the dark), glitter, translucent version


oh yeah and he is riding on a glider.  Yeah gotta count that one as something my collection needs.  So this one is the only one we have a clue about how it will be available, the periscope showed it with a “Summer Exclusive” sticker


So you will notice this has the GITD sticker, and while the glam shot has a Limited Edition sticker (which would normally mean only available at SDCC) the one they showed during their persicope they showed the Summer Convention sticker (ones you find on items available also via various retailers).  So it is fairly clear this one will be something you can pick up even if you aren’t in San Diego next month.

A few other items they showed were:

3 First to Market Powerpuff Girls ( Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup)

9832_PPG_Blossom_GLAM_HiRes_5a9a9368-03b2-4446-b2c6-72a1de883224_large 9833_PPG_Bubbles_GLAM_HiRes_large 9834_PPG_Buttercup_GLAM_HiRes_large

Also announced a 3 pack of dorbz based on the Burton Batman movies


Funko will be announcing 8-9 waves before SDCC, this was just wave 1 with more announcements coming on Wednesday.  So with 6 weeks to go the list of exclusives is beginning, in addition to Funko there have been some cool Monogram announcements, as well as some very cool items featuring Bob’s Burgers.  The announcements from Mattel and Hasbro so far have been less than impressive in my opinion but all of this builds up to the actual event, where merchandise and movie trailers seem to be a bit more important than comics.  So no matter if you go to San Diego, buy items from retail partners or brave the secondary markets, you will probably find more than a few items to add to your collection.

Always Buy Three (one to play with, one to keep in box, and one just in case)


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