Probable Dysfunctional Team Batman! Detective Comics Rebirth #934

Probable Dysfunctional Team Batman! Detective Comics Rebirth #934

Probable Dysfunctional Team Batman! Detective Comics Rebirth #934

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Here is another title in the DC rebirth line. This one may be a little confusing, so let me help you out. You may have noticed that most of the DC Rebirth titles that have been coming out have all had a #1 numbering. So why is Detective Comics at #934? That’s because DC wanted to take the Action and Detective comics titles back to their original numbering, I see this as a move to help bring in the old fans as well as make every single comic shop owner’s job much harder, because now they have to go through and explain that “yes this is a new comic, and yeah the number is high, but no you don’t need to read all 900 that came before, so yes you can start here”.

This comic is written by James Tynion IV with art by Eber Ferreira and Eddy Barrows. It starts off by Detective-934showing Azrael receiving a pretty enormous beat down, by what looks like Batman. You really only see the shadow of the assailant so you assume its Batman up until the point you see him appear in the window to find Azrael beaten on the ground. When asked who did this to you he responded “you did”.  Batman then finds a small drone that has been following him around. He captures it and uses it to locate others who have been followed by these drones. One of them is Batwoman, and she is recruited to put a team together with Batman to help him solve this mystery of the drones. After a pretty entertaining exchange between Batman and Batwoman they go in search of their team. This team consists of Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan (Cassandra Cain), and the biggest surprise Clayface.

This issue for me felt very “Prologue-y”, if you’ve seen Star Wars Episode I then you know what I mean.  It just felt like a lot of set up, and I know that that is the point of all of these DC Rebirth titles but some of the titles such as Green Arrow and Flash have set their series up but also been very fun and entertaining, one shot, type stories. This kind of fell flat, Detective_Comics_934_page_05which is a shame because I know Tynion can tell a very good Batman story. Tynion wrote Batman Eternal which was amazing. So it wasn’t a bad issue, but personally, I will choose to read the Tom King Batman book over this title.

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