Luke’s List of Top 5 Superhero Weapons

Luke’s List of Top 5 Superhero Weapons

Luke’s List of Top 5 Superhero Weapons

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It is time for another one my random to five lists. Again I would like to reiterate that this is a complete opinion, so no arguing! Just kidding we are nerds, we live to argue about fictional stuff! So this list is dedicated to my personal top five favorite weapons used by superheroes. On this list I am not including things such as Iron Man’s suit and Batman’s array of gadgets because I believe that they deserve their own list.

5. Daredevil’s Billy Clubs

Daredevil's Stuff

                Surprise, surprise Luke puts a Daredevil reference in something he is writing! But guys this weapon is seriously cool, he can use it not only as a club but also, nun chucks, a staff, grappling hook, and even his walking cane. He has used basically this stick to take down a variety of opponents, including Ultron. He can also use his super senses to send the billy clubs ricocheting around to get behind a person’s defenses, which makes me think that these clubs are really durable, and would probably hurt, a lot. At one point he even had a police radio installed in there too.

4.Trident of Neptune


                So Aquaman, wait stay with me! Aquaman does not receive the level of respect as a bad ass that he
deserves, and a lot of it comes from the awesome trident he holds. The Trident of Neptune is a magical weapon that grants its wielder great power and the divine right to rule the sea. It lets Aquaman conjure and manipulate water, which if you have ever played Injustice, can bring the sea to him usually in the form of a tidal wave filled with Great White Sharks. It also allows him to shoot energy blast from it as well as create force fields. And since the oceans have a huge effect on the weather he also can use the trident to summon rainstorms, well that and rainbows.

3. Captain America’s Shield


                Captain America’s Shield, talk about one of the most iconic images in all of comics. This thing is amazing it is made out of a Vibranium and steel mix so basically indestructible. It also seems to be able to break the laws of physics when he sends that thing bouncing of the walls. Also this thing is durable, it lasted 50 plus years frozen in the ice with Steve Rogers, and also this thing has seen battle. Form World War 2 to going toe to toe with Thanos in space. But the most impressive thing about this weapon is the responsibility and respect that comes with it, if you hold the shield you are Captain America.

2. Mjolnir


 GREAT ODINS RAVEN! Well close anyway, Mjolnir is the weapon most commonly wielded by The Mighty Thor. This hammer was forged by Dwarven blacksmiths out of Uru metal in the heart of a dying star, I mean talk about epic! And that is exactly the type of weapon the son of Odin (or whoever is worthy) should take into battle. There is a really fun YouTube video that shows what exactly would happen if Thor happened to drop his hammer on Earth. It has the ability to summon thunder storms, which is quite handy when you really want to smite your enemies, and shoot lightning bolts. This weapon also has the advantage that only the wielder can use it, so if it is dropped there is really no need to worry about the enemy using it against you.

1.Green Lantern’s Power Ring


So let’s say that you just can’t decide on which weapon you would like to bring to battle with you. Well how about you bring all of the weapons with you! How you ask? Answer is, the Green Lanterns Power Ring. The only limit to the most powerful weapon in the DC Universe is the imagination of the person using it. It is powered by the emerald color of will power, created by the Guardians of the Universe for their intergalactic police force the Green Lanterns. This tops my list because of its versatility and small size, the only downside is it needs to be charged and seeing as sometimes I forget to charge my phone this may be a problem.

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