This week’s new toys (6-22-16)

This week’s new toys (6-22-16)

This week’s new toys (6-22-16)

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So I thought I would start sharing a recap of my weekly toy (mostly Funko) additions with you so you can follow along with the never-ending collection. This week I have for you a video review as well as a few pictures and thoughts

So let’s start with what is my favorite of the week, Doctor Octopus – a great looking pop the arms are positioned well and look very cool, details like the claws and his glasses make this a pop that even an “in box” guy like me is tempted to take and leave out.

My next favorite has to be the Marvel Collector Corp exclusive Squirrel Girl with Tippy Toe – I was a bit surprised they didn’t go with a flocked tail on this one but the level of detail is great and even little Tippy Toe’s head is a bobble #CuteAlert

We are also seeing the release of the Spider-Gwen pops, regular version, un-hooded version (HT exclusive) and eventually the un-masked version (Walgreens exclusive) – they used their smallest female body on this one, which means you will need to use the included stand if you are an out of box type of person. Spider-Gwen is one of the more popular characters in the Marvel Universe right now, so these will sell quickly.

Also out from the new wave of Marvel pops are Doctor Strange and She-Hulk – Doctor Strange is a good looking pop, I like the colors and the cape is amazing.  She-Hulk is kinda plain but it is about time that she got a pop.

A  couple of exclusives were added to the collection, first is the Target exclusive Suicide Squad ” The Joker (boxer)” which is an odd pop given the name I expected him to be in boxing shorts, gloves and an action pose, this is none of that but I guess maybe the reason for the name will be in the movie?  If you are looking for this one, keep checking back with your local Target he has come back in stock recently.

The first exclusive of the next wave of The Force Awakens (TFA) pops showed up this week, it was a delivery from Gamestop of the Rey with X-wing helmet. I expected the helmet to be a bit more beat up like the one in the movie but it is a very cute pop.

Finally are a couple of the Wednesday Funko Shop exclusives, two weeks ago it was the Freddy Dorbz with lollypop (not a huge Dorbz fan, but this one is cute) and then last week’s offering was Super Hero Freddy and this is one of my favorite Freddys. Remember that each week Funko puts up a new limited production item in their online shop (Funko-Shop) they add their new items on Wednesdays but the time varies each week but generally between 10am-noon (MT).  There are a few of their past items actually sill up and available now.

So there you go a good week for pop additions for me, now if I can just find room for all of them.

Always Buy Three (one to play with, one to keep in box, and one just in case)


  1. Kaitlyn Booth
    24 June 2016, 20:23 Kaitlyn Booth

    I wonder whose pops those were…

    • Denz
      27 June 2016, 13:12 Denz Author

      They were mine, cause until I give them to someone they are all mine (insert evil laugh).

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