Funko FunKlub 2016 version

Funko FunKlub 2016 version

Funko FunKlub 2016 version

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So on Wednesday of last week Funko announced the latest addition to their online shop and it was the 2016 version of the FunKlub. The FunKlub is their offering to fans of a fan club.  I would like to point out one thing on a tangent, Funko is amazing at shipping items from their online shop, I ordered on Wednesday and it was delivered on Monday morning.  If they could figure that out for their subscription boxes, they would really make a lot of fans happy.

Here is a unboxing video:

So let’s take a closer look at the items that are included in the FunKlub box, first up is the membership card
On the back of the card is a ID number, and I would have to assume that Funko will be matching the numbers to the names of the people who ordered them.  The next item is a Freddy pin, this is a dated “2016” pin and fairly heavy, the back of the pin actually has two posts and clasps.

The package also includes a lanyard, fairly nice quality on it, I am a fan of longer lanyards and I really like the fact that the end clips off.

The final item is a Freddy Pop, this is a redesigned version of the previous FunKlub Freddy and there is no numbering on the box but rather a “SE” which probably stands for Special Edition.
and here is a closer look


The pop is a classic Freddy design with crown and bow tie, I do like the color scheme they are going with of the somewhat agua-blue and brown, it works.  The FunKlub box is still available on and is available for $25 plus shipping.   I am not sure if Funko will be offering any additional types of benefits for FunKlub members but maybe down the line they will include other benefits? Special events at conventions, access to their booth at conventions, who knows, lots of options for sure.

Anyhow there you go a quick look at the FunKlub from Funko.

Always Buy Three (one to play with, one to keep in box, and one just in case)

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