Return of the Grand Admiral

Return of the Grand Admiral

Return of the Grand Admiral

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As some of you know this past weekend was Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, England. Along with all of the amazing things that happen at celebration, none is usually more exciting than new announcements, trailers, and featurettes about upcoming movies.

This celebration had two really cool things that were shown, the first being an amazing behind the scenes look at Rouge One: A Star Wars story, as well as a new trailer. This has me really pumped to see the new movie. Seeing the director’s enthusiasm towards this project has instilled in me a lot of faith in the director, and it is always fascinating to see how these films are made

The next announcement to be shown was the trailer for Season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels, I love this show, at times it does feel more child oriented than Clone Wars (especially the older seasons), but it always hits the perfect notes for me. The confrontation between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader at the end of season 2 had me on the edge of my seat. Just when I’m wondering how they can top that, they show us this.

That’s right, you saw and heard them correctly, that is Grand Admiral Thrawn. If you are a fan of the old expanded Star Wars universe you know how big of a bomb this is. If not, do not worry I will sum it up for you. Grand Admiral Thrawn was the main antagonist in the first novel that kicked off the whole expanded universe Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. He is a Chiss, a species from the unknown regions, who rose to the rank of Grand Admiral, even 1693693-thrawnportraitthough the Empire is very xenophobic, through his cunning and ruthless tactics. He is a master tactician who uses the study of his enemies cultures to help him decide the best way to take them out. So basically he can, by studying a Rodians music, know that he will turn left rather than right in a space fight.

This also is great news for the fans of the Star Wars “Legends” universe because this means that maybe some of the other beloved characters can make their way to the cannon. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out December, 16 2016, and Star Wars Rebels is set to air in the fall of 2016.

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