Paywall for Pokemon GO uncovered

Paywall for Pokemon GO uncovered

Paywall for Pokemon GO uncovered

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When Pokemon Go came out, my life vaporized for about a week. Aside from work and the gym, my priority went straight to hatching those eggs and Rattata rodent control. Leveling up my trainer was surprisingly easy too because the experience point requirements didn’t change at every level like most games. I had other friends that literally did not sleep for days (not a single wink for three days according to a particular friend of mine) because of the Poke high they were experiencing. Even though my Pokemon catching began to slow last week, my friends kept climbing levels consistently with each passing day. I began to wonder what would hit first: a max level or a pay wall.
The answer has been found: it’s a paywall. And many people aren’t that happy.
Battle-MultiplayerAt about level 30 or so, the experience climb gets crazy. Some people on Reddit have already broken down the numbers and have analyzed the implications of the current system. Reddit user Riggnaros wrote the following: “Scaling is WAY off in every area and needs to be adjusted… Pokemon that you capture do not need to give the same xp at level 30 as they do at level 1, especially rare/evolved/high CP Pokemon. It makes no sense that a 10cp Pidgey should be giving the same xp as an 1600cp Scyther.”
He also goes saying that maintaining a good amount of Pokeballs becomes increasingly difficult as you try to catch stronger Pokemon. Even lower cp pokemon begin to run away at a much higher rate. This encourages players to spend Poke-coins on Pokeballs just to be able to keep playing.
Aside from that, the experience required becomes astronomical. If you average at, say 25,000 experience a day, getting from level 31 to 32 will take you a month. To get from level 35-36, it will take you 4 years.
Ok, shock aside, what’s the big deal? Mobile games have paywalls generally, so why is this case different?
Twitter user Klik_Vox assembled a graph with this data and has been giving consistent updates on how his game is turning out being a high level. I went through a good amount of his tweets and found that the game becomes punishing unless you participate in only gym battles or hatch eggs. To illustrate this, let’s say that you are in the 30’s and now Pokemon of all cp levels have become extremely difficult to catch. At this point you spend more Pokeballs per hour than you can gather if you are actively trying to catch anything, so you begin to pick and choose what you catch. This means that the amount of candy and stardust you obtain becomes non-existent. Now you catch a high cp level Bulbasaur just by luck. Will it ever evolve? Probably not. Without a steady income of stardust and candies, your poor Pokes will never progress. You’re pretty much stuck with the best team you created as you were leveling up. And once you spend the rest of that stardust you will be hard pressed to gather anymore because everything runs away so quickly. Even if you spent money on Pokeballs, the most mundane item in the game, your return will be minimal. So the game becomes unsustainable at higher levels and you can’t really do much of anything anymore.
This doesn’t make Pokemon GO a bad game by any means. It has been rough around the edges since its release and the good fellows at Niantic have probably accumulated lots of overtime trying to fix the games problems. What I believe what happened was that Niantic simply didn’t tweak the game for later levels. I believe that they threw in an equation for level growth and capture rates, said “Good enough”, and then focused on playability at lower levels. I doubt they were able to collect much data for the 20’s and 30’s when it came to testing. Now that the game is released, their focus is primarily on stability, security, and trading with Gen II Pokemon on their Christmas wish list (if the rumors are to believed, they are also working on team raids for legendaries). I’m sure that they will be tweaking high level playability now that the data has begun to emerge, but I doubt it’s a top priority.

Look at the bright side though, if you are like me and are falling behind in the game, or if you are new and barely picked it up, you have plenty of time to catch up. So don’t go crazy trying to get as far as you can in the game. Relax and enjoy the journey.

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