It’s Unboxing Time (August edition)

It’s Unboxing Time (August edition)

It’s Unboxing Time (August edition)

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OK, it is that time of month when the various themed subscription boxes start to come in and this month I have two that I have done unboxing videos for, the Anti-Hero themed LootCrate and the Spider-Man themed Marvel Collector Corp box.

So let’s get to the unboxing videos:


I am still a lot less impressed with Lootcrate the last few months, I get that they can’t have a Funko figure every month but the QMX figures just aren’t my cup of tea.  The only thing that keeps me getting this box is that the shirts are usually home runs.  If you want to subscribe and check them out for yourself, you can do so here.  So the Archer shirt is an item I will wear, the Harley figure will go into my collection of Harley stuff.  However, the socks and bank will end up either given to friends or in a box of things for the next Nerd Swap Meet.

Next up is the latest installment of the “Powered by Funko” Marvel Collector Corp box:

As I stated in the video, I am constantly amazed by how picky and whiny Funko collectors can be, I am not sure if it is just a very vocal minority that want 2 pops and a shirt in every box and nothing else. Or if the issue is the flippers who know that they are unlikely to get as much for a Fabrikation than they are for a Pop?  It just sure seemed the reaction to this box was similar to the Guardians box last fall that had the scarf and ornaments instead of pops.

For me the attraction of the subscription box is the surprise of never being really sure what is in the box, of course with Funko now doing Unboxing videos of their own the day the items ship (gotta beat fans to the punch and get those social media eyes on you), it is a bit tougher to avoid spoilers but this month I was able to avoid them on both boxes, so that was a good thing. Anyhow if you want a little bit of birthday gift/X-mas present every month (or two) then subscription boxes are a fun way to get that feeling.

Always Buy Three (one to play with, one to keep in box, and one just in case)

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