Mike’s Tavern – The Company

Mike’s Tavern – The Company

Mike’s Tavern – The Company

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Welcome to my Tavern. This week, I’ll be summarizing the adventures of my completed campaign. Sorry for another long post. So pull up a seat, stay a while and listen.
A disguised woman, who went by the name Kitty, approached each of our heroes while they were in the city of Waterdeep to hire them for a job. Kitty claimed to have influence over the city’s underworld and said that business had been affected by a high influx of slavery sales. Kitty held a certain code of ethics that she held to her business partners in the underground markets, and working with slave owners broke that code. In response, she assembled the Waterdeep Trading Company, the adventurers, as a task force to find and eliminate the source of slave sales while maintaining the guise of a trading company specializing in relic recovery and dungeon diving. Their investigations and the establishment of their business would take place in Malevaunt of the Moonsea region, where the slaves seem to be coming from. The team would be provided a ship and a team of merchants to aid in the trading company rouse.
The Company began in Baldur’s Gate where the city happened to be in the midst of a festival celebrating its founding. When the group decides to go check it out they witness the attempted assassination of an important political figure, Duke Adrian Abdel and “Hero” of Baldur’s Gate. The group dispatches the assassin and fight off his posse from harming other innocents but witness a horrific transformation of the Duke into a monstrosity and the Company was forced to fight him.
After a bittersweet victory, the Company was approached by three individuals representing different groups. A wizard, Skoond, came representing Lord Silvershield who has authority over the nobles of Baldur’s Gate, followed by Ravenguard of the Flaming Fists, a mercenary group hired to protect the people, and a cloaked figure claiming to represent a woman by the name of Rilsa Rael who leads the lower class of the city. All wanted to hire the services of the Company to aid in “rebuilding” Baldur’s Gate after its tragic loss.
The group was also approached by an older woman by the name of Imoen, who was the sister of the murdered Duke. She was accompanied by a plain servant looking woman who seemed to be in tears for the loss of the Duke. Imoen invited the Company as guests for a dinner at her mansion that night. The group accepted. Upon their arrival and after some idle chatter, the group deduced that the servant woman accompanying Imoen everywhere was more than just a servant. After inquiring further, Imoen revealed that the woman was actually named Viconia and was in a disguise fueled by Imoen’s magic abilities. Viconia stripped herself of the disguise and revealed that she was in fact a drow who fell in love with the Duke. Imoen and Viconia both decided to warn the Company that Bhaal, the god of murder, had substantial influence over those who would employ their services. They told the Company to beware of any hidden motivations of these people for their actions could further Bhaal’s desires. After the warning, Imoen and Viconia left Baldur’s Gate in search of a place to retire the rest of their days.

What followed was about a week (game time) of espionage, mole hunting, and deception. At the end of it all, Skoond defected to the Company, Silvershield was thrown in jail, Ravenguard was saved from Bhaal’s influence, and Rilsa became the avatar of Bhaal. The company dispatched her and once again became the heroic sensation of Baldur’s Gate. Afterwards the team met with a wizard who teleported them, their ship, and their crew to the Moonsea (the wizard would eventually be revealed as the famed Elminster).
After some time in the region, the Company found that the group known as the Zhentarim was hiring pirates to round up potential slaves from around the world. The Company constantly spoiled their plans, and with the aid of another defector who went by the nickname of Cookie, they avoided capture. With his help, they managed to avoid a minor antagonist and representative of the Zhentarim, a fallen hero named Darkhope, who unsuccessfully tried to track down the Company during their time in Melvaunt.
As a Halloween event, the Company entered the Tomb of Horrors, arguably one of the best D&D adventures of all time and hellish in terms of difficulty. If the group finished the tomb before Halloween, they would receive items of legendary power. It took them about 8 weeks and two new characters (and a complete restart after a total party kill) to complete the adventure. However, during their adventure, they encountered a vicious gargoyle with more than enough strength to wipe them all out. In an act of desperation, they used a Staff of Greater Polymorph to transform it into a bunny. The effect was strange because the spell partially failed. It succeeded in transforming the gargoyle into the appearance of a bunny, but the spell failed to strip it of its powers effectively transforming it into the bunny from Monte Python and the Holy Grail. The ranger of the group, Shabunay, attempted to tame it… which succeeded. She named the new found ally Krampus Von Bunnicula, a gargoyle trapped in the form of a bunny but retaining its ability to kill. With Krampus, they were able to complete the tomb before Halloween.
After the Tomb of Horrors, the Company tracked down a frequent buyer of slaves from the Zhentarim. The owner ran a sect that worshipped Loviatar, Goddess of Pain and Cruelty. The Company attacked the sect to free the slaves and were successful.
About a week later, Melvaunt was attacked and destroyed by an army of drow led by an albino priestess to the goddess Kiransalee, who is a member of the drow pantheon and goddess of vengeance and undeath. This albino combat1priestess, known as Irae, was seeking to purchase a large amount of slaves from the Zhentarim. This was a negotiation months in the making but was unsuccessful thanks to the exploits of the heroes. The Zhentarim were completely decimated in Melvaunt and the heroes barely escaped with their lives.
The Company decided to begin moving against Irae by heading back to Baldur’s Gate and petition the leading Dukes for an army to combat the impeding drow army. In order to do that, they would have to cross the entire continent to reach their destination which could take months or even a year’s worth of travel. They heard rumors of a powerful wizard living not far from the Moonsea in the region of Daggerdale, so they planned to ask him for an easier means of transportation (they were hoping that he would somehow turn their ship into an airship). They found Elminster, who was also the same wizard that transported them from Baldur’s Gate to the Moonsea. Elminster agreed to give them an airship on the condition that they investigate the happenings of a nearby village with a werewolf problem.
After they accomplished what the wizard set them out to do, Elminster held his end of the agreement and cast Wish, a powerful spell that allows the user to alter reality. He changed history so that their ship had always been an airship and that Cookie, their pirate ally, was an accomplished pilot. They set off for Baldur’s Gate only to be intercepted by a Green Dragon and its young. After a long battle, they crash landed in the port of Baldur’s Gate. Their crew would conduct repairs while the Company went about their business.
Ravenguard had filled the position that the assassination of Duke Adrian Abdel had left empty. After hearing the news that a drow army was soon to be on its way to the surface, he was happy to strike an alliance with Waterdeep and Amn in order to assemble a large army. Unfortunately, because Silvershield was thrown in prison from their first adventures, the noble community was revolting against the city. The Company infiltrated the jail, which had slowly come under the control of Silvershield via bribes and blackmail, and viciously beat him to a bloody pulp and all the inmates (the Company was pretty powerful at this point). Under duress, Silvershield urged the nobles of Baldur’s Gate to cooperate.
Some time had passed before the army was ready to move forward. Once assembled, the Company set out ahead with their airship as the army began their long march to the Dales where the drow army was expected to arrive from the Underdark. The mission for the company would be to find and assassinate Irae before the drow army arrived to the surface. Their hopes were that in doing so they would prevent the war from even beginning. The Company set out to the Dales and found their entrance into the Underdark.
After some time venturing into the Underdark, they came across a city where Irae’s daughter was stationed. Within the city, the group set off a few alarms that brought groups of drow, undead soldiers, and some mix in between to battle against them and stop their advance. They battled the guardian spider of the city by using a Staff of Polymorph, turning it into a pet falcon (important later). They eventually found a throne room where Irae’s daughter and her family prepared for battle and engaged them. Once they were victorious, they found letters revealing that Irae was prepping her army to arrive from a neighboring city approximately 100 miles deeper underground. They also found a convenient portal that brought them directly to the city where Irae was hiding.
They arrived in Maerimydra and was instantly intercepted by a small group of fire giants. The battle was tough, but even with a victorious outcome the giants got back on their feet as if suddenly resurrected. The group had to flee, but encountered a small group of drow not aligned with Irae that sought their protection. They were represented by a drow mercenary that went by the name Jarlaxle.
Jarlaxle, speaking Common, explained that Lolth, the Demon Goddess of Spiders that was the main deity of the drow, had suddenly disappeared a few months prior. The drow society, which is built on a matriarchy of clerics that receive their power from Lolth, suddenly couldn’t enforce their rule. The city, in sudden chaos, summoned a demon army lead by Kurgoth Hellspawn (from which their fire giant opponents came from) that overthrew the government. Irae used this opportunity to take her followers and infiltrate the castle and stronghold of Maerimydra. Having power over the undead, she viciously tortured, killed, and cast Raise Dead on all residents of the stronghold which brought them under her compulsion and began to assemble an army slowly. Feeling robbed of complete victory, Kurgoth stayed in the city and is attempting a failing siege on the castle, where Irae sits comfortably, raising the casualties of war under her control.
After learning that the group of drow before them were actually refugees from the war, the group agreed to offer extra protection until Jarlaxle could procure a way to escape the city. The Company restocked on supplies and prepared for infiltrating the castle. The drow revealed to the Company of an alternate path to the stronghold that the demons were unaware of, then left them to their devices as they attempted to exit the city.
The Company found that the alternate path actually led to a refugee hideout occupied by a few dozen homeless drow. They were in constant supplication to Lolth for deliverance, but hope was beginning to wane. The group silently bypassed them to continue with their mission, but encountered a somewhat large spider in their path. The spider wasn’t preventing their advance and seemed like it could communicate with them. In an attempt to get more information on what was ahead, they fed the spider the falcon, which was in fact a polymorphed guardian spider. After it feasted on the falcon, the large spider only uttered a “Thank you” before the group decided to proceed.
The group successfully infiltrated Castle Maerimydra and reached its highest point. They discovered that an un-living, sentient temple had been summoned and attached to Castle Maerimydra hidden in a cavern above the city. The temple housed a great ball of negative energy, which the Company suspected was fueling Irae’s resurrection spells. They proceeded with caution and found the inner sanctum of the temple, occupied by Irae and two bodyguards.
Irae, with outstretched hands, welcomed the attacks of the group which scared everyone. Blow after blow, Irae was brought closer to death until she finally fell… only to get back up again, fully restored as if nothing had happened. Irae wanted to test the powers of the temple, which would use the ball of negative energy to not only fuel her spells of resurrection but her as well. The group lost hope and fell one by one, each fallen comrade being raised under Irae’s compulsion and fighting for her in undeath. The group failed its mission and their bodies would serve as the generals of her army. It became clear at this point that Irae would use this horrible power, fueled by the negative energy of the temple, to raise the fallen from both armies under her control and lay waste to the surface above.
In some dream state, the consciousness of each member of the Company was summoned before Elminster who was accompanied by an unknown woman. Elminster and the woman both explained that their loss was an unexpected set back and that months have since passed since their deaths. Elminster was going to perform another Wish spell on their behalf that would simultaneously free their bodies from Irae’s control and resurrect them for one jVlh3oalast fight. It was explained that while Irae would be vulnerable to attack since she needed to maintain concentration on her raise dead spells during the battle. It was also revealed that the woman was, in fact, both their employer Kitty and Mystra, the Goddess of Magic. Her goal was to raise a new generation of heroes for the world as the old ones began to retire, such as Elminster. She explained that there were many heroes in the world that were being guided by her and other gods, and that the Company was not the only group that she was interested in. After that, Elminster had cast the spell.
Irae was no doubt shocked that her generals suddenly turned against her, fully alive and well. The Company fought long and hard, constantly killing Irae only to have her suddenly raise up again to continue the fight. However, as Irae’s attention was focused on her fight with the adventurers, her army was unable to be sustained by her spells and began to take major losses. Slowly, her army was decimated as Irae struggled to fight the Company.
At what seemed like the point of exhaustion between the Company and their enemy, a woman drow approached Irae from seemingly out of nowhere. She was covered in hundreds of spiders and had large fangs coming from her mouth. She pinned Irae down to the floor and said
“The undead temple that sustains your life shall be your undoing. I will lay my millions of children in your belly, and they shall hatch and eat you from the inside out. You will never die because of your own machinations. For eternity, your body will be my nesting ground.”
The drow woman forced opened Irae’s mouth and vomited millions of spider eggs encased in webbing into it. Her body became bloated as if ready to burst. A portal opened to the Demon Web Pits, a hellish abyss home to Lolth, Goddess of Spiders. The drow woman looked toward the Company, thanked them for the delicious falcon meal they provided her, and dragged a screaming Irae T’sarran into the webs of the abyss. Irae was cursed to never die and be eaten alive by the spiders within her for all eternity.

Yep. That’s it. That was my campaign that took about a year and a half. I really enjoyed being the DM and have already begun working on my next campaign. Thank you for reading!
Leave a comment below saying tl;dr if you thought my story was long, boring, and stupid!

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