Now You’re Playing With Power!

Now You’re Playing With Power!

Now You’re Playing With Power!

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When most people of a certain age think about their first video game console its usually the Ninitendo Entertainment System, or NES. This is the second article in my retro gaming retrospective, for my first one see “Have You Played Your Atari Today”? article. Some of my first gaming memories are from playing the NES, I was living in an apartment just out side of San Diego when I was around six or seven and our neighbors had a Nintendo and we used to go over there all of the time to play games like; Duck Hunt, Battletoads, Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. I did in fact suck at all of them, but I had a lot of fun.3dp_minines_original_nes-e1443687733893

The “Family Computer” Aka Famicom, was launched in Japan in 1983 and after a remodel and renaming it was introduced into the US Market in 1985 as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The video game market in the early 1980’s was pretty much dead due to the lack of oversight that Atari and the other game makers had over the software developers. This was known as the video game crash, but Nintendo saw things a little differently. They decided that they were going to have heavy restrictions on the software companies that wanted to produce games maxresdefaultfor them. The deal was across all software companies, and it said that they could only produce one to three games in a calendar year and they had to be approved by Nintendo. This, I believe, is why we all look back fondly on some of those old games. They were real quality, and that quality helped bring the industry back. You can see this on all of the old games where you see the NIntendo Seal of Quality on the cover art. This licencing choke hold they had on developers would eventually pave the way for Nintendo’s biggest rivals, Sega to get a foothold in there and eventually make a bid for top console in the world. The NES had a product life span of 6 years, it ran from 1985-1991 and in that time it sold over 34 million units in the United States, and as of 2014 Nintendo estimates around 61.9 million consoles sold world wide.

Most Popular Game: Super Mario Brothers


There is really no surprise here, thought the argument could be made that either the second or third iteration of Mario, or The Legend of Zelda on NES were superior you cant argue with the sales numbers around 40 million sold.

Personal Favorite: Battletoads


I by far put more hours into playing this game than all of the other NES games I played combined. I not only attribute this to the fun of the game, but also with the difficulty of beating the damn thing. I think this is the game that introduced me to a whole new section of my current vocabulary!

Next up in my retro gaming series will be my hands down favorite console of all time, the Sega Genesis!!!

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