Ghost Rider Bursting on to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Ghost Rider Bursting on to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Ghost Rider Bursting on to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

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When you hear the name Ghost Rider a certain image pops into your head. Usually this image is a guy in black leather with spikes, a chain, and flaming skull, well either that or Nick Cage. However you picture him the character of Ghost Rider is one that Marvel fans love. So having him show up on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, a show which some say lacks in excitement, will do a lot not only for he show but for the fans as well.


That being said the Ghost Rider we are going to get in SHIELD is not the one most may be familiar with. Johnny Blaze is the original Ghost Rider, motorcycle, chains, etc. ┬ábut Robbie Reyes will be the Ghost Rider we get in the series. A little back ground on Roberto Reyes, he is a mechanic from Los Angeles who lives in the stereotypical bad LA neighborhood. He has a brother that he cares for a lot and wants to move to a nicer place to give him a better life than he had. The way he decides to go about this is to earn money through street racing. The car he uses for the race was, unbeknownst to him haunted, think Christine. During the race he began to think that he was being followed by the cops and when he tried to loose them he made a wrong turn and was trapped in a dead end. When he got out of the car and attempted to talk to the “cops” he was gunned down and killed. When the people tried to burn his body and car to get rid of evidence they used something that they found in the trunk. As the left him the ghost that was in the car possessed him and, BAM Ghost Rider. A cool thing about going with Reyes as Ghost Rider is you get more diversity in the cast and a relatively new character to play with as far as story goes.ghost_rider_spirit_of_vengeance_concept3_by_jsmarantz-d5f91rz

For SHIELD I think this is a really good move. They have had a few comic book heroes on the show before, but this is a big step for them. It also opens up a new avenue for them as it pertains to the supernatural. So far SHIELD has done a good job with dealing with espionage stories and alien science fiction. I think they worked with those stories very well and I see no reason why they will not do a good job with this as well. Ghost Rider played by Gabriel Luna will make his debut in Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD this fall.

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