Star Wars Rebels “Steps Into Shadow” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “Steps Into Shadow” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “Steps Into Shadow” [Spoilers]

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Season 3 of the much anticipated Star Wars animated series from, Disney and Lucas films, Star Wars Rebels premiered last weekend on Disney XD. I have been a big fan of this series from the first episode, and I am really excited about covering it each week for the website. My history with the new Star Wars animated projects starts back with the Clone Wars animated movie. I remember that I enjoyed it but I was not sure if it was because it was actually good, or that I was just happy to get more Star Wars post Episode 3. Looking back on it now I see that it has its faults but the movie gave us an amazing animated series, The Clone Wars. From the success that was the Clone Wars series we have been treated so far with two amazing seasons and what looks like a great third season as well.


Here is little recap of what has happened so far. The crew of the Ghost; Jedi Kinight Kanan Jarus, Mandalorian Ex-Imperial Sabine Wren, Captain of the Ghost Hera Syndulla, Lasat Warrior Zeb Orrelious, Astromech Droid Chopper, and Jedi Apprentice Ezra Bridger have banded together to help fight against the tyranny of the galactic empire by sabotage and theft. They grow into a part of a larger rebellion that has been spreading around the entire galaxy. They are then joined by Clone Wars favorites Captain Rex, and Ahsoka Tano, as they continue the fight against the empire and Darth Vader. The end of season two had the team of Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra going to an old Sith temple where they ran into the apparently hard to kill Darth Maul. Maul manipulates them into helping him get to the Sith Holocron inside the temple before betraying Ahsoka and Kanan and trying to take Ezra as his new apprentice. Maul escapes, blinding Kanan in the process, just as Darth Vader shows up and the confrontation between Vader and his former apprentice Ahsoka comes to a head. The last scenes from season 2 show Vader walking away from the fight with Ahsoka, as well as Kanan being brought back for medical care, the kicker is they also show Ezra opening the Sith Holocron and letting it tell him its secrets. So that about gets you caught up to season 3.


Season 3 starts out a little bit later with Ezra, sporting a new short haircut and green light saber, leading the team of Sabine, Zeb, Rex, and Chopper on a mission to rescue another favorite animated character Hondo from an Imperial Prison in exchange for information about an imperial salvage yard on a distant planet. After the escape attempt we see Grand Moff Tarkin giving command of the 7th Fleet to Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has a master plan to take down the entire rebellion. The team escapes back to the Rebel base where Ezra is promoted to star-wars-rebels-3Lt. Commander and put in charge of going on a recon mission to the imperial salvage yard that is melting down old Y-Wing bombers that the rebels could use to help bolster their fleet. Before Ezra leaves he goes back to his room and is listening to the Sith Holocron when Kanan walks in and scolds him for it, Ezra storms out and leaves Kanan there by himself. The team accompanied by Hondo head to Reclamation Station and see that the Y-Wings are being scrapped so Ezra decides that the recon mission has just turned into a recovery mission and the team goes in. Meanwhile back at the rebel base we see Kanan who is trying to cope without the use of his eyes when he hears in a meditation the voice of someone calling to him. He wanders off and eventually finds a giant rock creature who calls himself Bendu (Voiced by Doctor Who Alum Tom Baker). He says that he uses the force but he is not a Jedi or Sith, he says he is somewhere in the middle. He teaches Kanan to “see” again and its then that Kanan sees the danger Ezra is in and leaves to help him. The team back a Reclamation Station have run into problems and report back to base that they need help. Due to imperial lock out codes they are forced to cut the power to the station to escape with the Y-Wings. Ezra stays to cut the power while the others escape with the ships. The Imperial fleet was signaled when the station was first boarded and they arrive here to reinforce them. Just as it looks like the rebels will be captured by the Empire and Ezra is going to plummet down with the station, the rebel fleet lead by Hera and Kanan arrive to save them. Grand Admiral Thrawn allows them to escape because it fits into his bigger plan to defeat the rebels. The Rebels return to the base and get ready to set out on another adventure!



This episode had a lot of really cool things going on in it. First we had Ezra’s new light saber. Gone are the days of the Blaster/Lightsaber and now he has a new green one that I find to look like a mix between Mace Wind’s, and Luke Skywalker’s from Return of the Jedi, it also made a very unique sound which I think added to its not made in the traditional Jedi way fell.  We also get the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn who has been a fan favorite since his original introduction in the Heir to the Empire book. He is going to be a handful for the Rebels in this season and I cannot wait to see it. Seeing the Y-Wings again was also pretty cool, and the hands down best thing about this episode was Kanan’s kick ass depression beard, I hope he keeps it all season!

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