Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 2 “Meet the New Boss” [Spoilers]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 2 “Meet the New Boss” [Spoilers]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 2 “Meet the New Boss” [Spoilers]

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I have a feeling that this season of Agents of SHIELD is probably going to be my favorite. Not just because they have Ghost Rider on the show right now but the way the team is currently set up makes me feel that way too. This episode gives us or first look at the new director of SHIELD and some more amazing Quake and Ghost Rider action.



ghost-rider-vs-quake-agents-shieldThe episode opens, kind of Supernatural style with a child getting out of bed to see what was making the noise in the living room. When he goes out there he sees a woman holding a family picture and drops it as she makes eye contact with the kid then disappears. The boy calls for his father to come out. He tells him of the encounter and, of course, the dad does not believe him until he sees the broken picture on the ground. As he turns around the “Ghost” re appears and screams at him for being in her house. The dad explains that they have lived there for years, the ghost then screams and disappears.

As we last left Daisy (AKA Quake) she had just found out that not only is Robbie Reyes is Ghost Rider but also that he has a younger brother who is in a wheel chair. She goes to his shop, under the guise that they know each other and her van needs work and also to confront him at work while all of his coworkers are there. She also shows that she has done her homework on Robbie by talking about all of the schools that “they went to together” and other things like that. After everyone leaves she lets slip that she knows about his disabled brother and Robbie loses his cool and attacks her knocking her out then tying her up. While out he goes through her van to find out what she knows about him. While doing this He and Daisy have a conversation that tells a little more about the reason the gangs are working together and that leads them to an abandoned plant.

Back at SHIELD base Agent Coulson and Agent May have been called to the new Directors office. They both believe it is because they broke protocol and went after Daisy behind his back, that is not the case though. The new director named Jeffery Mace, played by Jason O’Mara, and he has a new assignment for Coulson. He has a group of agents-of-shield-6Congressmen and women coming for a special tour of the base and he would like Coulson to be their tour guide. Agent May, ever since being touched by a “Ghost” has been seeing black holes instead of eyes. This has been slowly getting to her but she is still fighting back and not letting anyone know she is seeing things. Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons have discovered in the box that the “Ghost” came out of are actually has invisible circuit boards, they track the manufacturer of the box to the same abandoned plant. Fitz and Mack head out there to check it out and it just so happens that the plant that they are going to is the same one that Daisy and Robbie are headed to.  In this lab we see the lady Ghost from the beginning releasing other ghosts from their containers that they were trapped in. They allude to a person that did this to them and vow revenge, all agree to this plan except one who says he is planning to burn the whole lace down.

May starts to lose control of what is happening and what is real. She goes down to the containment cells where they are holding the other people that have been touched by the “Ghost” to see if they are doing the same thing. This sets one of the captured gangsters into a fit where he slams his head repeatedly into the wall and he is then sedated. Back up with the tour Coulson and Director Mace are showing them around the lab when the topic of inspecting the holding cells is brought up. Agent Simmons lets them know it is not a good idea to go down there due to the recent incident. Aa Mace leads the group away Coulson goes to see May to find out what happen ed. When he meets up with her and tries to convince her to go to the lab. When they are just about there her paranoia kicks in and she attacks Coulson and other agents. She is only stopped when Director Mace shows. H puts her down pretty fast showing invulnerability to her attacks and super strength.

Back at the abandoned facility Mack and Fitz find the empty boxes where the ghosts where being held when they are attacked by the one that stayed behind to destroy the building. In their attempts to not get touched by the ghost Mack is locked in a chamber and they are unable to get him out. As Fitz is about to be attacked by the ghost agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-season-4-episode-2-henry-simmonsDaisy and Ghost Rider burst in. Ghost ridder holds the ghost and it just burns up and disintegrates, after he does that he leaves, leaving Daisy, Mack and Fitz to shut down the explosion. They take Daisy back to the Quinjet and help patch her up, there is a conversation where it is made clear Daisy is not going to come back with them. She leaves them and meets back up with Robbie and they continue their hunt for answers. Back at the SHIELD bases the tour group leaves leaving Coulson and Mace alone to talk. Mace reveals that he is an Inhuman and it was Coulson’s idea for him to be the director, he also says he will not share with Coulson where they are taking Agent May following her incident.

This season continues to impress me thus far, I especially like the relationship between Robbie and Daisy. They are at odds but on the same side as well, and it was good to see them team up in this episode. I also like what they have in common, Daisy gives herself hairline fractures when she uses her powers and Robbie’s transformation does not look very pleasant as well. I also like the new director of SHIELD. He has that politician look and smile that I would imagine the figure head of a government agency would look like. I hope they stay strong throughout the season and don’t hit a low like they usually do mid season.

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