Gotham Season 3 Episode 2 “Mad City: Burn the Witch” [Spoilers]

Gotham Season 3 Episode 2 “Mad City: Burn the Witch” [Spoilers]

Gotham Season 3 Episode 2 “Mad City: Burn the Witch” [Spoilers]

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Gotham last week was a pretty good first episode, the only problem I had with it as I said in the review for the first episode is that I am not a fan of the character of Fish Mooney. I feel like they keep bringing her back for two reasons. One is that Jada Pinkett Smith is a fantastic actress and she can bring a lot to the show. The second is every time the Penguin starts down a different road other than mobster or gangster they seem to bring Fish back just to be the push back to his mobster life style, and they have done every season so far. I hope that they move past this and give us a new take on fish.


GOTHAM: L-R: Guest star Jamie Chung and Ben McKenzie in the “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…” season premiere episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Last we left the characters of Gotham they were still in the middle of the hunt for Fish Mooney and the rest of the escaped prisoners that Hugo Strange had experimented on. We now catch up with Fish Mooney who is now taken it upon herself to find out where Hugo Strange is being held so he can fix whatever aliment is afflicting her. This causes Gordon to team up with the reporter Valarie Vale to find her. At the end of last episode, we see Bruce Wayne being taken by a member of the court of owls, this leads to him being awoken at the council table talking to the representative of the council. Here they make a deal, that in exchange for his life he has promised not to look into the corruption of Wayne Enterprises as well as into the Indian Hill research facility, and lastly the big one, he has to stop investigating his parents murder. Also at the end of last episode we see Selina’s friend Ivy (yeah that Ivy), get chased

out of Fish Mooney’s hide out and fall into an open water main and get swept away. We catch up with Ivy in this episode as she has apparently been flushed out to the river and is then found by a dock worker who takes her to his place for food, water, and some dry clothes. The first thing we notice is that Ivy is now older than she was when she went into the pipe last episode, and she is also played by a new actress (Maggie Geha).
Penguin has gained a lot of popularity with the media and people of Gotham due to his criticisms of the GCPD of their handling of the Mooney/Indian Hill breakout. Later in the episode we follow Fish as she kidnaps Bullock to go find Hugo Strange. AS the GCPD and Gordon arrive to take Fish in so does the Penguin and a crowd of angry towns gotham-s3e2-ivy-1200x675people, they say that they are there to do the job the police wont and kill Fish. Gordon sneaks in the back and makes a deal with Fish saying he can get them an escape root out of the building in exchange for his and Bullock’s freedom. She agrees and Gordon calls Penguin o tell him to have his mob distract the cops so the back will be clear for him to get his revenge on Fish. He meets Fish and her prisoner Hugo Strange out back and asks before he is about to kill her why she spared his life when she found him unconscious at the end of last season. She than goes to explain that she in a way created him and there is no way she could ever destroy her creation. After that Penguin lets her flee into the woods with her prisoner.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred are planning on what to do now that they will not be spending their time down in the cave searching for his parent’s murderers when they hear a breaking of glass. They go investigate the noise to see a young boy, that we have seen through the first two episodes as a boy that escaped Indian Hill and has some kind of power, is standing there with his hands up asking them not to hurt them. They notice when they look at him that he is what appears to be a clone of Bruce Wayne himself. Then we cut to Ivy who is now all dressed up in a gotham_302-trainplatform-scn38_0051_hires2green dress with red high heels walking past the man, who offered her food and water then tried to throw away a dying house plant, lying on the floor apparently dead. She says as she walks out “Don’t forget to water next time”. Lastly we see Jim Gordon at home having a drink when his door rings. Ms. Vale is there to confront him about what happened with Fish and they end up having some intimate time. The las seen shows Gordons old flame Lee Tompkins getting off the train in Gotham.
This episode felt about like the first one, again not good or bad just the same. I liked what they are doing with introducing Ivy back into the show and am very interested to see how the meeting between her and Salina is going to go. They also did a good job of now giving something for Bruce to do now that he won’t been obsessing over his parents murder for the time being. And with the reintroduction of Lee in Gotham Jim Gordon has 99 problems and women are 3 of them. The teaser for the next episode showed what looks like the Mad Hatter and I am very excited for that!

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