Legends of Tomorrow Update: Obsidian’s Origin Revealed

Legends of Tomorrow Update: Obsidian’s Origin Revealed

Legends of Tomorrow Update: Obsidian’s Origin Revealed

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Obsidian has been confirmed for Legends of Tomorrow season two. That’s old news I know but there’s been an update regarding his origins. Let’s get a little background on him for those of us who don’t know who he is:


Obsidian is the codename of Todd Rice, who is the biological son of Alan Scott and Rose Canton; respectively the Golden Age superhero Green Lantern and villain Thorn. Todd was raised in an abusive adoptive home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He finds out in his late teens that he has a twin sister, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, alias Jade. They meet, discover they both have superpowers and, operating under the assumption that Green Lantern was their father (which they did not know for certain at the time, but did eventually learn to be true), decide to follow in his footsteps.

As Obsidian and Jade, they were founding members of the superhero team Infinity, Inc., a group composed mainly of the children, grandchildren, and protégés of members of the Justice Society of America.Obsidian also serves with the Justice League in a space-station based headquarters. He has many various adventures there, including helping the League deal with dozens of aliens who are the last members of their species. During his tenure with the League, he undergoes therapy. For a time, he also has to deal with seemingly permanent injuries to his shadow form.

Obsidian apparently inherited a potential for mental illness from his mother, Thorn. Corrupted by Ian Karkull, Obsidian turns evil, using his shadow powers to first steal all shadows from an entire city, then to spread darkness over the entire world. It is during his time as a villain that he attacks his foster father. His father, with the aid of other JSA members, defeats him. Obsidian retreats to the Shadowlands, the otherdimensional plane from which he derives his powers. Later, he joins the mystical villains Mordru and Eclipso to seek vengeance (unsuccessfully) on Green Lantern and the JSA. Following his defeat, Obsidian is cured of his mental imbalance.

After being cured, Obsidan retires. It was during this time that Todd came out and came to terms with his self-identity as a gay man. He meets and falls in love with Damon Matthews, an assistant district attorney who works with Kate Spencer, who is also the vigilante known as Manhunter. Todd’s powers went dormant during most of this time, but they return, following the death of his twin sister Jade during Infinite Crisis. He has since then returned to being a superhero and is still dating Damon happily.

obsidian-dc-comicsThank you Wikipedia! There are a TON of interesting things about Obsidian that we could talk about. He’s Green Lantern’s son, part of the JSA, and an openly gay superhero.

There’s been plenty of speculation regarding his origin ever since it was announced he would be a part of the second season. Since we have no Green Lantern in the Flarrowverse it would make sense that his origin would change. Origin change is nothing new and isn’t always bad; for example Quake’s origins in A.o.S was well done. However, it has been confirmed that his origin will stay true to the source material.

This is what Lance Henricksen, cast as Obsidian told Comicbook.com:

“It’s all in there. It’s all in there, every bit of it. […} Yeah, being Green Lantern’s son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there. It’s treated, honestly, kind of ungently. It’s a real thing….Even one of my lines says ‘If you’re lucky enough to find love again, after anything has ever happened to you, well, embrace it.’ [Obsidian] says ‘Son, he’s waiting for me at home.'”


What does this mean for LoT?


Obsidian keeping his original origin flings the doors wide open for what we might see this season on Legends of Tomorrow. Green Lantern is a definite possibility from where I’m standing and that makes me very excited. We’re not getting the Green Lantern many of us have grown up with or become accustomed to; Alan Scott is an entirely lance-henriksen-obsidian-645x370different character from Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Whether or not we will see GL this season is yet to be confirmed; but we do know for certain that he is part of the Flarrowverse universe. His appearance in the show would be the first time we see Alan Scott’s GL in a live action show.

An equally important subject is the Flarrowverse adding another openly gay character to its’ large amount of characters; and from the sounds of it they’re getting it right again. No sugarcoating, no hinting; just another openly gay character. Curtis Holt has been done wonderfully in the show so far; hopefully when he suits up as Mr. Fantastic he continues to be written that way. With Curtis possibly suiting up this season of Arrow, and Obsidian appearing in this season of Legends, that’s two opportunities to have a well written openly gay superhero on the small screen.

With all these exciting changes coming to the next season of Legends of Tomorrow the second season is looking even better than the last. Season two of Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 8:00-9:00pm, on The CW.

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