Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate” [Spoilers]

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Star Wars Rebels continued this weekend with another fantastic episode. We get to see the first appearance of Maul this season and a little more time with Bendu. Also this week we found out that Rebels and Clone Wars mastermind Dave Filoni is being promoted and is now in charge of the entire Star Wars animated universe. This personally has me very excited, he has done a great job with everything so far and it makes me crazy excited for what’s to come!


This week’s episode starts out with Kanan and Ezra out on a mission with the rebellion to answer a distress call. Theynee1wt4ow6yvhi_1_b arrive at the ship to see that it has been badly battered but still mostly intact. Once aboard the ship they find a survivor who apologizes and tells them that a “Red Blade” came aboard and did all this damage to find out where The Ghost was located. Both Kanan and Ezra assume that there is another inquisitor out there and they rush back to the ship to call and let Hera know. They pull her up on the com and begin to tell her that someone is coming when she interrupts them to say that he is already there, and Darth Maul steps into the picture. He demands that they bring him the Sith Holocron as well as the Jedi Holocron that Kanan has or he will kill the crew.

The crew of the Ghost, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper, are all tied up in the lounge surrounded by attack droids. Maul asks Hera to show him around the ship, and while walking through he notices that this is much more than their ship it is also their home. As they pass Kanan’s room Maul stops and makes her show him in. He looks around the room and know the Jedi Holocron must be in there, he uses the force to look into Hera’s mind and finds where it is hidden. He returns Hera to the rest of the crew and begins trying to open the Holocron, after many attempts he sees that he will need one of the Jedi to open it for him. While Maul is distracted by the Holocron The crew decide that this is their chance to make their escape. They take out the droids and escape through the ventilation system, it doesn’t take Maul long to figure out that they are gone and is on the hunt. The crew comes up with a plan to use the fact that Maul has robotic legs against him Maul tracks them to the cargo bay when they activate the magnetic locks and he is stuck on the ceiling. This doesn’t stop him for long and he gets out of their trap and takes them prisoner again.

star-wars-rebels-the-holocrons-of-fate-22Kanan and Ezra are now back at the rebel base where they set out to fid Bendu to get the Sith Holocron back. They go to the spot where Bendu first appeared to Kanan, and as Ezra is about to give up and turn back Bendu appears. Bendu says that the Holocron is located down in the cave where the spider like creatures known as Krykna live. Kanan sends Ezra down to retrieve it without his Lightsaber while Kanan guides him through the tunnels. Ezra gets himself into a little bit of trouble when he takes a wrong turn and Kanan has to go down to rescue him. Once together Kanan teaches Ezra to be calm and the Krykna will not hurt him and they come back out of the cave with the Holocron. On the way back to the Ghost Kanan and Ezra talk about what is going to happen when the Sith and Jedi Holocrons are activated together. Kanan says that the person who does this will be able to see things, answers to questions, but warns that there are some things that once seen cannot be forgotten.

They arrive at the Ghost and meet up with Maul. Maul tells Ezra to go to the bridge and wait for him while he has a talk with Kanan. Kanan and Maul walk down and corridor on the Ghost and Maul admits that it was not his intention to blind Kanan, Kanan counters with the fact that he just wanted to kill him. This is where Maul says he should try again and pushes Kanan out of an air lock out into space. Kanan calls on the force to push off of Maul’s docked ship rebia16306jpg-fe1685_765wand gets back into the Ghost where he is safe. Kanan then goes and liberates the crew from their droid captures and heads with them to go save Ezra. Maul tempts Ezra with the knowledge in the Holocrons and succeeds. They sit down and focus on the answers that they want, Ezra says he wants to know how to destroy the Sith and Maul only says he is looking for hope. The Holocrons form together blasting out a bright light, while both Maul and Ezra are staring into the light Kanan and the crew arrive. It is here that Kanan can “see” through the light and both of them with the Holocron, and at this point Ezra says that he is seeing something. He goes onto say that he sees twin suns, Maul also sees something and all he can say is “yes”. Kanan is just about to reach Ezra and Maul when the Holocrons flash out and fall to the floor. Maul has used this moment to escape back to his ship where he begins talking to himself and saying “Yes, he’s alive!” and laughing as he fly’s away. The episode ends as the crew decides to get back to base for their next mission.

So this episode was outstanding! To me the thing that Ezra was seeing in the Holocron when he was looking for the answer to destroying the Sith was Tatooine. And that to me can only mean one thing, Luke Skywalker. Also I think that the thing Maul saw was our Old Friend Obi-Wan Kenobi. I cannot wait to see this story flush itself out over the following episodes! I’ll be back for next episode where we get to see Wedge Antilles, in the meantime, May the Force be with you.

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