‘Lucifer’ S02E02 ‘Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ S02E02 ‘Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ S02E02 ‘Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire’ [spoilers]

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Spoilers for episode two of season two of Lucifer

Oh, Lucifer, You are an odd show. This season is going to be very interesting on the level that the casting of beautiful Hollywood people is probably going to backfire horribly on them. As I continue to watch this show I’m often reminded how silly it is and how little I seem to care at the end of the day. The entire premise is silly and Lucifer seems to have an air of self awareness that I appreciate if nothing else.

Our first episode ended with Lucifer’s Mother stumbling into his penthouse looking a little worse for wear. We find out that when she escaped Hell she entered two dead male bodies before entering the dead body of Charlotte, a lawyer that was killed by jamming a screwdriver in her neck. Lucifer is immediately weary of his Mother and assumes that she is there to kill him since he was her keeper in Hell. Charlotte, as she will likely be known in the show going forward, insists that she is here to bond with Lucifer on a very basic level.

LuciferMeanwhile Chloe is charged with solving the murder of a man connected to Charlotte’s new body. There is a running subplot about Lucifer telling Chloe she is a bad Mom for not buying her daughter a doll that is way too “on the nose”. However, Chloe and the show seem not only aware of it but are fascinated by it. Maze doesn’t trust Charlotte at all and seems keen to try and break the very breakable human body she is currently in. Amenadiel is also off trying to solve the mystery of why his angelic powers are fading.

The thing that made this episode a little weird to me was that they have put Lucifer’s Mother, an extremely beautiful woman, in Maze’s leather and tight dresses, for some reason. I’m not entirely sure what sort of dynamic Lucifer was looking for when it cast the stunning Tricia Helfer but it probably wasn’t the tension they got. Helfer combined with Ellis (already being one of the most stunning men in history) means that there is some very weird almost incestual romantic tension between the two of them. It was not quite enough to make everything awkward but it was enough to make me wonder if this is something they are going to continue to do for the entire season.

The various subplots during this episode mostly amount to Chloe realizing that Lucifer’s issues with his Mother run much deeper than she thought they did and Charlotte realizing just how much Lucifer seems to care for Chloe. The show places an interesting idea in that Amenadiel might be falling and that is why he is losing his powers, but also that Charlotte might be the reason Lucifer ended up in Hell. Any ambiguity with whether or not she is lying goes right out the window once she looks up at the sky and smirks.

I’m not entirely sure where Lucifer season two is going. I’m hoping that they won’t keep the whole ‘Chloe doesn’t believe Lucifer’ plot going for much longer since that one was old halfway through the first season. I think leaving a little mystery as to what Charlotte’s intentions are could make the show compelling, provided it doesn’t get drowned out by more ‘case of the week’ drama.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM eastern / 8PM central on FOX.

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