Mike’s Tavern: Monster Hunters IV Hire

Mike’s Tavern: Monster Hunters IV Hire

Mike’s Tavern: Monster Hunters IV Hire

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Mike’s Tavern

Some of the podcast group and a few friends have decided that a good campaign of dungeons and dragons was in order, so they asked me to be the DM and I agreed. So some of the segments of Mike’s Tavern from here on out will be a recounting of these adventures and act as sort of a journal. We had a short practice adventure last week were I explained to the group how the game works and we built their characters together. The adventure was short and inconsequential except that they found rumors of a fighting colosseum somewhere in the wilderness and a map that marks its location. The adventure was simply a task of tracking down a team of goblins that stole some goods from some innocents with the help of a human. Right now, the group has decided to begin a short Halloween campaign that should take 3, maybe 4 sessions.
The group calls themselves Monster Hunters IV Hire, with the Roman numeral for “four” in place of “for”. The group consists of the following:
kolvir_comm_by_yamao-d6uy0t8-320Luke, The Podcaster Without Fear, playing as Valdis, a human fighter with a piracy background. He ran into Jass, Ryan’s character, hunting goblins that were actually ogres. They nearly died from the encounter
Uncanny Ryan playing as Jass Snapdragon, a halfling monk who ran into Valdis hunting the “goblins” listed above. They started up Monster Hunters IV Hire together. Interesting fact: Jass can dodge donkey kicks really well.
Blair playing as Galvanus, an old, senile human wizard who doesn’t realize half the time that he isn’t wearing pants under his robes. Claims that his genius got him kicked out of the magic academy, but in reality it was his interest in necromancy and his stupendous mediocrity.
Dakota playing as Raijin, an elf ranger and cleric, who has stalked Valdis and Jass for a while admiring their fighting prowess from afar. He decided to approach the two and offer his help… while high on Moonsugar. If cocaine and LSD hooked up for a night and had a baby, it would be Moonsugar. Oh yeah, Raijin is a drug addict.
Sorry for the long introduction. Let’s get right to the story.
Welcome to my Tavern

In celebration of a recently completed job, Jass decided to celebrate by heading to the Whiskey Drinking Fox, the 2e14125bdf39e999ce5f8aa596815938local tavern close to where he lives in the city of Waterdeep. He ordered a Cornish hen for himself and bought drinks all around, instantly raising the spirits of fellow patrons. A tiefling bard even began to play music in his honor!
Meanwhile Raijin, an elf ranger and cleric, sat not far from Jass at the bar watching him from the corner of his eye. He had followed Jass and his partner Valdis for some time now. They struck his interest when he witnessed them emerging victorious from a battle with ogres a while ago, a battle for which they were obviously unprepared for. Finally coming to the conclusion that the Monster Hunters IV Hire could use his services, he took one last drag from his pipe and walked on over to Jass.
Almost instantly he was in a world full of unicorns, rainbows, chocolate flowing rivers and cheese flowers. Jass himslf appeared to be eating part of a mushroom the size of a table. The mushroom was a deep cherry color with white spots along its surface. Jass appeared to be dipping his hand into the white spots, pull out handfuls of marshmallow cream, and eat it vigorously. Raijin was so entranced by Jass that he felt the need to touch his face. Back in the real world however, Jass was slightly disturbed. He dodged Raijin’s attempt to grab his face but the ranger was just as nimble and deftly bounded after Jass.
Meanwhile, Valdis was on his way to meet up his contacts with the city guard. A higher official, named Gareth, spoke of a reward and a contractual relationship with Monster Hunters IV Hire. The implication of a steady income made Valdis painfully aware of how light his wallet had been lately. He didn’t like the Gareth, but the man was going to be an open door for loads of gold. Luckily Gareth was none the more wiser of Valdis’ distaste. The city guardsman had a way of looking down his nose at people, especially at Valdis’ partner Jass.

When this last job was completed, Gareth revealed that it was actually a favor for a friend of his now deceased father. He graciously shook Valdis’ hand, gave a slight nod of approval at Jass, and promised Valdis that if he would come by the city guardhouse later, there would be ample reward and a new job for them. Valdis figured that he might as well see his actual friend, , who works there in the process.
1301972499256The daydreams immediately stopped when a heavy wooden quarterstaff tripped Valdis’ feet from under him. He landed on his back, almost seeing stars. Looking down at him, Galvanus, a wizard of little repute, pointedly accused Valdis of destroying his home with a band of ogres. Loudly accusing Valdis of being in league with monsters brought none other than Gareth and to the scene. Gareth tried to calm the man, who demanded that Valdis be arrested and he compensated for the loss of his home. Deftly the guards presented a certificate of Monster Hunters IV Hire as a legal business that hunted monsters, not worked in league with them. Galvanus was perplexed, but still demanded payment for his house in an outrageous sum of money. Gareth stated that the city has programs in place for refugees, but it would take a while before Gareth’s demands could be meant. Valdis volunteered to watch over Galvanus while his request was processed.
Gareth awarded Valdis with high quality masterwork armor and gave him access to city guard weaponry, including siege equipment for a small rental fee. They headed back to Monster Hunters IV Hire together where Gareth would present the next job for him and Jass.
Jass met up with the group back at the office with Raijin, now somewhat lucid from the moonsugar. Raijin insisted that Monster Hunters IV Hire could use his help while Galvanus demanded to be cared for. Hasty arrangements were made for the two to accompany them on the next assignment when Gareth gave them the details of the job to be done.
About a day ago, a half elf child was discovered locked in her room in her home. Her parents were brutally murdered in the kitchen, the father and mother’s bodies so mutilated that their bodies were almost unrecognizable. The little girl, now in an orphanage waiting for her closest kin to pick her up, testified of a strange monster that came down the chimney and killed her parents as she watched through the keyhole from her room. The monster further horrified her when it proceeded to eat the bodies. The girl stayed locked in the room until she was found by visitors.
The job: Find this monster and kill it on sight.
The group decided to head for the scene immediately, while Jass took a quick detour to the orphanage where the girld137852ddd8f84e67adb7876fa5c20e6 was staying. He bought her a teddy bear, blankets, and toys, and left them anonymously.
Upon arrival, the group did an investigation of the house, but was perplexed on what exactly committed the atrocity. They found traces of slime on the kitchen knife the mother used in defense, as well as slime on the roof top. Slimes were usually acidic and would eat prey by dropping onto victims, dissolving them as they suffocated over time. There was no evidence, however, of acidic damage done to the house or to the bodies. In fact, all damage seemed to have been done by a very solid creature. Not only that, but the testimony of the orphaned girl stated that the creature ate her parents, which was different than a slime dissolving them.
The mother had appendages that were missing, including an ear, some fingers, and skin. The father was nothing but a heaping pile of gore, bones protruding into the air and skin, muscle, and clothing indistinguishable from one another.
They also found body parts within the stove in the kitchen. The creature had mutilated the corpses and thought to store pieces of the victims in a separate room, which was probably the most confusing development of all.
Raijin investigated a nearby park following some nearby trails that appeared to be heading to the house. He followed the tracks down to a park where he discovered children playing nearby. The tracks circled the park a number of times, suggesting that the creature was smart enough to stay out of sight while stalking prey. He also discovered a small hole in the ground, barely big enough for a humanoid to sleep in. After a second investigation of the park, he noticed a separate set of smaller footprints running that appeared to be running from whatever made the first set of tracks. He followed it back to the scene of the crime, where the child like tracks ran into the house and the creature’s tracks disappeared. Jass investigated the rooftop where he found destroyed roof tiles and pieces of slime that made a trail to the chimney.
The conclusion was that whatever killed the parents was initially hunting the child after stalking potential prey at the nearby park. The child had run home but was followed by the creature. It came to one of the walls of the house, got onto the roof, went down the chimney, and committed the heinous deed.
The group decided to head out to the back yard and investigate there. A pile of hay hid more body parts and a well with water that became so putrid from whatever tainted it that the water had the consistency of a rancid stew. The group tried entering the cellar, but had to break the door after discovering that the doors were sealed.

In the cellar was nothing out of the ordinary: a barrel holding salted meat, hanging pelts, and a small blood trickle that emptied into a drain in the corner. The group felt uneasy despite the seemingly natural appearance of a pelt workshop. Valdis inspected some pelts and… did one just wink at him?

Oh hell naw.

They quickly rushed to the cellar entrance to get out and found that the doors, fully repaired, somehow had become shut and locked.

They were trapped

The room suddenly got bigger. Blood ran beneath their feet as if they were at the bank of a stream which gave the room an eerie red glow. Stone ruins somehow littered the floor, peppered with grave stones and erect statues.

Behind one of the grave stones emerged the little girl that Jass visited at the orphanage. She seemed only visible to Jass. Everyone saw something different: Valdis saw his friend from the City Guard, Raijin saw an old acquaintance, and Galvanus… well… he didn’t see anybody and decided to try focusing on opening the cellar doors.

The battle was long and dangerous. Only one enemy was visible to one member of the party, effectively isolating the group from aiding each other. Each member of the group sustained heavy damage, but eventually they gained the upper hand. Galvanus had also finally broken through the door too when


A huge, muscle bound and skinless humanoid ran through the door and charged Galvanus barely survived the encounter thanks to Valdis who decided to tackle the beast head on.

But one by one, the members of Monster Hunters IV Hire began to fall.

Raijin had fallen first. He had sustained heavy wounds from his quarry and wasn’t able to bring it down. He had lost too much blood and collapsed.

Valdis braved the onslaught of the skinless beast, but he was already exhausted from his earlier fight. He slipped, it was only a second, but the delay was long enough for the beast to strike a blow that brought Valdis down. Galvanus was out of spells and Jass was helpless against the invisible opponent that Raijin failed to beat. Hope was lost. This was how they were going to die…

Raijin opened his eyes. His body was sore and he was light headed from the loss of blood, but he forced himself to stand. His strength of will was the only thing that stopped him falling back on his knees and chance was keeping him alive. Without a moment to lose, he cast a healing spell on Valdis and brought him back to his feet.

They were back in action.

Raijin was able to finish his opponent and began focusing his fire on the skinless one. Jass and Galvanus aided Valdis in the melee, trying to disperse the attacks so that Valdis could keep fighting.

The drain from the corner in the room… was it growing larger? It was. Soon, it was a five foot diameter hole. It increased to 10 feet, and soon after 20.

They were running out of time.

Valdis threw his entire might into his last swing and the beast fell. But their victory was short lived; the hole kept growing larger. They ran to the cellar entrance and found it inexplicably repaired once again.

They weren’t going to get out. They were going to fall into oblivion.


And they did.

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