Arrow S:5 E: 01 – Legacy

Arrow S:5 E: 01 – Legacy

Arrow S:5 E: 01 – Legacy

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arrow-season-5-episode-1-legacyOk, something I need to admit: I haven’t been watching Arrow since the end of season 3 so I am waaaaay out of the loop on what has been going on. It was love at first sight between us in season 1 and then life was bliss when Deathstroke became the main villain in season 2. The flashbacks actually held purpose and were well connected with what was happening in the present. Then season 3 began and holy crap that all changed. No longer was the main villain antagonizing, only annoying and pointless. The flashbacks weren’t connected at all to the story and made pacing very clunky. I wasn’t invested in any character development, least of all the Olicity romance. There was also waaaaaaaay too many filler episodes. I divorced Arrow when Ollie seemingly became the new Ra’s (come on, really???) and then I heard that season 4 wasn’t much better. Ugh. But this is a review of season 5 episode 1 “Legacy”, not a rant about Arrow’s fall from grace. Point is that I’m way behind.
OLLIE AND FELICITY BROKE UP???arrow-season-5-premiere-images-3-600x400
All improvements in my book. Thea is also acting as Oliver’s political advisor instead of Speedy, so I’m interested to see where that goes. Ok, honestly, I just want to see Deathstroke again for the 100th episode.
Paul Blackthorne is doing well as a drunk and now ex-detective Lance. Ollie is trying to recruit him to the Arrow side because Thea and Diggle are no longer working with Green Arrow on the streets. Lance would alleviate his stressful workload since Ollie is trying to do a balancing act between his new role as mayor while still donning the hood.
And that’s about all I cared about so far with Arrow. I really hope the pace picks up and the flashbacks will be relevant. Oh, speaking of which, what will happen with season 6 and the flashbacks?
I promise my reviews will have more substance if I get more interested.

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