Flash Review S:3 E:01 – Flashpoint

Flash Review S:3 E:01 – Flashpoint

Flash Review S:3 E:01 – Flashpoint

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I don’t want to go into too many details about “Flashpoint” because I really want people to just go watch it. Speaking of which, for those unsure about how to watch CW’s shows since the Hulu breakup, just download the CW app or go to their website and stream the episodes.
kidflashbarryFor those who are familiar with Flashpoint, it will be important to know that there are no crossovers in this episode. This is strictly a Flash story with no help from the other heroes of the Arrow/Flash universe. Surprisingly to me the episode does very well based on its own merits instead of bringing in other characters from other shows.
Almost everyone gets a makeover for the alternate world Barry created in his attempt to rescue his mother. My personal favorite was Cisco’s billionaire alter ego, but props to Jesse Martin for playing an angry, drunk Joe. I was kind of disappointed in Kid Flash Wally and Caitlyn who weren’t very different on a fundamental character level. Caitlyn had a different occupation, and it was funny when she asks almost blankly “Was I just kidnapped?”, but the moment she was placed in front of a computer she reverted back to the Caitlyn we were all familiar with. And Wally was Wally with powers with nothing was really different about his character either. This isn’t really a negative point, mainly because we saw this on Earth-2 in season 2, but it would have been nice to see them play a completely different version of their characters. The one I’m on the fence with is Iris. I never liked how the impending romance with Barry is sorta central to her character. That didn’t change in this episode, but she was at least a little more assertive and independent. It may have been that she is one of only two crime fighters in the city and she evolved to meet that calling, but either way her character improved. Candice Patton pulls this off well which shows that she is a great actress in the role of Iris while her flaws is more of an issue of the writing.
Barry doesn’t lose his powers in this version of Flashpoint. This was a positive point for me. The episode took on thexflipag hero-in-retirement approach where Barry tries to live his new life now that his parents are alive despite knowing he could save the day at any moment. Grant Gustin, as always, pulled this off nicely.
Just a couple more points:
-I really hope that Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash as opposed to Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawn, begins to take a greater role in the show
-Please don’t let there be another Speedster villain and this episode was only a one-off
-What happened to Iris???
Hopefully the review will be more on time next week.

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