Supergirl CW vs CBS – S:2 E:1

Supergirl CW vs CBS – S:2 E:1

Supergirl CW vs CBS – S:2 E:1

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Supergirl CW vs CBS

This week we saw Supergirl come to the CW from CBS. There has been a lot of speculation as to what was going to change with thesupergirl-bright switch. With only one episode out of the can so far we can’t say much definitively. The very first thing that I noticed was that  production quality has lost a little bit of it’s shine. Let me explain. Part of the move from Supergirl CBS to Supergirl CW involved moving production from Sunny Los Angeles to overcast Vancouver, Canada. Between the overcast and being so far north the days get very short in September. This leaves some of the scenes seeming dull compared to the bright light in California. Even though it’s overcast there is a ray of sunshine on the CW.  You can stream Supergirl the day after for free now on and the CW apps for virtually every platform.

The Superman Demographic

  tyler-hoechlin-superman-clark-kent-changeOne thing that came with the CW was Superman / Clark Kent who is played by Tyler Hoechlin.  Hoechlin’s performance was one of the highlights of the episode.  Some actors play Superman very well but struggle with Clark Kent. Others are believable as Clark Kent but not Superman. Hoechlin was able to portray both sides of the hero well.  As Kent he was awkward, clumsy and lacked confidence while still portraying competence. When he put on the cape he became Superman not only in strength and abilities, but also in personality.  The scene where he walks into the DEO and greets the people showed that he could handle the persona even when he wasn’t putting out fires or keeping buildings from collapsing.

The question that jumps out to me is why did the Man of Steel decides to stay in National City? The reason that was written in the script doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Kara and Clark are able to text, and talk whenever they want and if they want to have some face time it would not be hard for Clark to make a quick trip from Metropolis. Kara even offered to go to Italy to get Italian food.  

I think that the real reason that Clark is staying in National City is to attract more male viewers. As the father of a young daughter, and a sucker for awkward romance stories I have been excited for Supergirl since day one. However, there is not much to draw your stereotypical male viewer into this show.  The show runners have fully admitted that the show will take a ratings hit by moving to the CW. This seems like an attempt to attract a new demographic to this show.

Cat Grant

supergirl-calista-cat-grantAnother thing that appears to be changing with the move to the CW is Cat Grant played by Calista Flockhart.  We know that she didn’t move to Canada with the rest of the crew, but her character seemed a bit overly obsessed with chasing passions. While it was mostly directed at Kara, there was some inward reflection as well.  I hope that Cat Grant sticks around to continue to mentor Kara, because the advice that she gives applies to so much more than Kara.  Particularly the advice, “In order to live we must keep daring, we must keep diving.” It’s time to get out of our comfort zone people!

Rampant Speculation

So what can we expect from the season going forward? Kara gave us a little hint (by telling James) that last year was about figuring out how to be Supergirl and this year was about figuring out how to be Kara.  This means that there will be much less of the lovesick Kara. I do hope that we see James try to escape the friend-zone.

On the Supergirl side of things we will be seeing much more of Cadmus.  I think that there will be a moment where Supergirl has to decide what differentiates her from her cousin. This might even be the catalyst that moves her into the main DCW and not in another world.  We know that she will be part of the 4 episode cross over with Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. We know that she will have a Musical crossover with her former Glee alumni, The Flash, and oh yeah… more aliens.

What are your predictions for Supergirl?  Did you notice a change in production quality with the move to the CW?  Let me know in the comments below!

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