Flash S:3 E:02 – Paradox

Flash S:3 E:02 – Paradox

Flash S:3 E:02 – Paradox

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the-flash-season-3-episode-2-tom-felton-julianImagine that you had the ability to time travel, if you will. You are getting on a train and you see a quarter on the floor at the station. No big deal, right? Well, while you are on the train, you decide that you want to go back in time so that you can pick up that quarter. So you go back in time and pick up the quarter before getting on the train. But now that you have the quarter, you would never had made the decision in the first place to go back in time. So does time reset itself, leaving the quarter on the floor at the station and you on the train quarter-less and unable to change time? Or does time not reset and you keep the quarter?
Believe it or not, I thought of this question when I was in elementary school. I remember asking my teacher about it and then getting a weird look. My friends never seem interested in the question and would go play at recess instead. Now here I am in my late twenties asking myself the same question as I watch Paradox, the follow up episode to Flashpoint (a rightly named episode too).
Barry has screwed up the timeline in his effort to fix it. The weird thing is that he doesn’t remember the changes he made like in the last episode, so he struggles to find out what the changes were so that he could figure out a way to fix them. Along comes the real Jay-Earth-2-Flash to stop him and explain this Paradox and prevent him from making crazier mistakes. The remaining episode involves him explaining to the group that he screwed up the timeline followed by a fight from Rival, the villain of the last episode, and newcomer Alchemy (ahem, Dr. Alchemy)
This was a solid episode. The small fundamental ways that the universe changed this time around were significant enough to give the show new ground to cover and gave the actors new roles to play without derailing the show. Cisco’s dilemma was particularly heart wrenching. I won’t go into spoilers, so just watch it.
Iris was once again the weak point of the show (come on writers…). I laughed at this part.
“Barry, how did you know [blah blah blah] ?”
Barry: “Well…” [gets ready to explain what happened]
Iris: “Can I talk to you privately, Barry?”
[The two have privacy]
Iris: “Barry, how did you know [blah, blah, blah, literally the SAME EXACT QUESTION]?”
Barry: [a look of “I was just about to tell you and everyone else too”]

The ever impending romance between Iris and Barry gets unnecessary treatment to the point of over exposure. the-flash-season-3There was quite literally no reason for Iris to take Barry aside at that moment to ask a question that was already in everybody’s mind. I imagine that the writers did so to emphasize the relationship between Barry and Iris, but they do that in every other episode. It gets annoying.
Barry figuring things out with Felicity was a nice touch. Also, can I say that even though I enjoyed Tom Felton’s performance (Malfoy in Harry Potter), he didn’t provide anything new to the table? He’s just a new character that is kept out of the dark of Barry being the Flash since everyone else knows about him. And his reasons for not liking Barry are kind of weak. I don’t trust a lot of people at my work but at least I’m cordial.
Overall, great episode. Here are some highlights listed:
-The Arrowverse changed because of Flashpoint. What other changes are in store?
-Tom Felton better not be Alchemy
-Wally wil be getting his powers back soon, as it was implied. And Barry knows it. Will we get a team of Flash heroes between Kid Flash and Vibe similar to the Arrow’s group and Legends of Tomorrow?
-Grant Gustin is Awesome.

Note: Normally I would have Arrow’s review up within 24 hours, but I’m guest starring on the podcast tomorrow. I’ll have the review up on Friday. Sorry for being late 

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