Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction” [Spoilers]

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This week rebels gave us the introduction of Wedge Antilles to the Star Wars Rebels Universe. Wedge has always been one of my favorite characters and here is why. He was the only pilot to be at both of the Death Star attacks, as well as being the pilot that successfully used a harpoon and tow cable to take down the Imperial AT-AT during the battle of Hoth. His appearances in the Aftermath book series have added a new level of depth to him and it is really good to see a little more of his back story.


This week we see that the rebels have been getting more information form their informant Fulcrum. The crew thinks star-wars-rebelsthat it may be Ahsoka seeing as that is the code name she used in the past. Hera says unfortunately that it is not her but a code name that she came up with for all informants to use and pass on. This Fulcrum tells the rebels that there are cadets at the imperial TIE fighter academy that wish to defect. They then decide to send Sabine into the academy undercover to find the defectors and get them out. Her back up will consist of Ezra and Kanan who will be waiting just out of sensor range to jump in when they get the word.

Sabine lands on the planet and after some mean Nintendo cartridge skills gets into the academy. During a simulated attack she is teamed up with Wedge to take down some rebel ships. AS they finish mopping up some A-Wings the Ghost appears out of nowhere and takes them both out. Later that day Sabine over hears Wedge and two other students talking about getting out of the academy before it’s too late. Sabine follows Wedge and tells him that she is the one that has been sent in to get them out, and that she does not have a plan to get them out yet but she will think of one.

star-wars-rebels-season-3-episode-4-the-antilles-extractionAt this point we see that Agent Kallus and Governor Price have arrived at the academy because the ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) has intercepted transmissions from the academy with intentions to defect. Agent Kallus preforms interviews with all of the cadets and cannot find any traces of traitors. Price then says it is her turn to find out who the traitors are and takes over the investigation. The next day the cadets are send up into space where they will engage in a dog fight with each other. They will have in active weapons that will not damage the others but will count as a scoring device. They are also being shadowed by some of their instructors in TIE Interceptors.

Sabine sees this as the opportunity they were looking for and signals Ezra to jump in and retrieve them. Once the ship jumps in Sabine, Wedge, and the two others flee towards the ship. This was all a part of Governor Prices’ plan to find the traitors, so she inputs a command and has the wings detach from the TIE Fighters leaving them adrift. The instructors blow up one of the pods and, due to the damage sustained, Ezra and Kanan have to retreat. Leaving Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie to be taken prisoner back on the planet.

Sabine and the others are being interrogated to see who the rebel is. When wedge is about to be tortured Sabine yells out that it is her. Wedge and Hobbie are taken to another room, and Governor Price is about to begin when Sabine strikes out and a fist fight commences. After a few moments Sabine bests Price and escapes down the hallway to screen-shot-2016-07-17-at-6-45-32-pmrescue the others. After she gets Wedge and Hobbie they start running toward the hangar bay when the alarm is sounded. They keep making their war down there when Agent Kallus blocks their path. Just as Sabine is about to start a fight Kallus tells her to go down the corridor to the right and that will take them to the hangar bay, and also to tell Zeb that they are now even.

Once in the hangar bay they all pile into a TIE Bomber and make their escape. One of the instructors gives chase but just as he is about to lock on and take out the bomber the escort ship commanded by Ezra shows up and saves them. They go back to the rebel base where Wedge is introduced to everyone and says he can’t wait to get into a Starfighter.

This episode felt like it went by very fast, now I don’t know if it is because I wanted more and I wanted to see Wedge in action or if it was because not a lot really happened. That being said I enjoyed the hell out of it and cannot wait to see the next one. Next week’s episode is called “Hera’s Heroes” and it looks like it’s going to be a Hera and Thrawn-Centric episode. See you guys next week!

Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction” [Spoilers] - overview
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