Star Wars Rebels “Hera’s Heroes” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “Hera’s Heroes” [Spoilers]

Star Wars Rebels “Hera’s Heroes” [Spoilers]

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This week on Star Wars rebels we were taken back to Hera’s home world, where we meet back up with her rebellious father. We see that the Empire has stepped up their efforts in snuffing out this rebellion by bringing in a new officer star-wars-rebels-heras-heroes-3-600x338to shut everything down. After Hera and the rest of the rebels arrive to see if they can help out her father tells her that the Empire has set up their command post inside their old house, and he was un able to get any of their personal belongings out before he had to flee. Hera is taken aback by this, mostly by the fact that her family’s Kalikori was still there. She explains that a Kalikori is a very important heirloom that most Twi’Lek families have, and on top of that she says that is the one thing that she still has that reminds her of her mother. Hera comes up with a plan for herself and Ezra (dressed as a scout trooper) will sneak into her house get the Kalikori and get out. They get into the house easy enough but after they retrieve it and try to use the underground secret passage they find that it is exactly where the Imperials have set up their command room. Hera is soon caught and taken in front of the base commander and his special guest. Ezra keeps his cover as a storm trooper and accompanies them to interrogate Hera. Once in there Hera takes on the role of the unsuspecting street urchin who was just trying to get in to steal something valuable for food, but this is soon taken down when we see that the commanders special guest is none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn. He breaks through the act in a very cool and calculating way and exposes her as Hera Syndulla the Rebel commander and pilot, and hera-and-thrawn-in-star-wars-rebels-season-3-promo-stillmore importantly to the commander, the daughter of his nemesis. He goes on to talk all about the importance of the Kalikori in her culture, and how he is going to take hers and add it to his personal collection. It is at this point that Ezra decides he is going to act and break them out, but before he can even get his blaster out Thrawn has stunned him seeing through his disguise as well. They are thrown into a detention cell and are used as a bargaining chip to get her father to turn himself in. Before the exchange is about to happen Thrawn returns to his ship and the rebel droid Chopper (also in Imperial disguise) comes and finds Hera and Ezra. Hera tells Chopper to go around and find explosives and place them all around the house. During Hera’s hostage exchange we see Thrawn on the bridge of his ship waiting to see how Hera will handle this situation. Back at the house, the exchange is going down but just as they cross paths Chopper comes wheeling out and goes straight to the rebel ship. On Hera’s command Chopper detonates the explosives and the Rebels escape. The Ghost flies right by Thrawn’s command ship and he lets them go, because he says he is not done studying them.

This episode had me so excited, and it was because they showed Thrawn as a legitimate villain to the rebels. The vibe he was giving me was a lot like Wilson Fisk form the Netflix Daredevil series. I Say this because he has this outward demeanor of calm and collected and cool. But when he gets pushed past a line he can become very violent and intimidating. I cannot wait for more Thrawn in this series, and I would also love to see an exchange between Thrawn and Vader somewhere down the line.

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