Supergirl meets Metallo S:2 E:2

Supergirl meets Metallo S:2 E:2

Supergirl meets Metallo S:2 E:2

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[Spoilers beneath! You Have been Warned]

Getting Things Done

Supergirl and Superman get another chance to work together in the second episode of the season.  The opening of the episode featured a “Getting Things Done” montage and it makes me wonder how dangerous it is to live in National City.  In the same day there was a fire that engulfed the top few floors of a multi-story office building, a high speed car chase, a Fort Rozz escapee on the loose, and the show’s writers took the opportunity to introduce a prominent Superman villain and so Supergirl meets Metallo.

Metallo’s Origins


We got a glimpse of Metallo last week when John Corben was whisked away by Cadmus and offered a second chance at life. In the comics there were several origin stories for Metallo.  Some of them being a scientist drinking a serum. Others involving Lex Luthor downloading John Corben’s brain into an android body. Yet another with Corben being in an anti-Superman unit under the command of General Sam Lane. Due to the fact that the comics keep changing his origin story, I think it’s only fair that we overlook the new origin story, especially since it was executed very well, and the twist of there being a second Metallo was completely unexpected.

Cadmus is Racist


Cadmus’s announced it’s existence and motivations to destroy both Superman and Supergirl to the whole world by hijacking every screen, and warning them to stay out of the way. Their motivations are based on xenophobia taken to a fantastical extreme.  Much like Star Trek, throughout the years Superman has tackled big social issues like racism.  Instead of being completely blunt, they disguise it as a story about extra-terrestrial aliens and not just the human kind of alien.  It is really easy to see how ridiculous racist arguments are against Supergirl and Superman, and that should translate into more real life understanding for people. This proves that anybody that thinks you are immature because you are into Superhero’s doesn’t understand how deep the story can get.

With Cadmus having stolen Kryptonite from the DEO J’on  J’onzz gets the opportunity to explain to Superman why he kept the little glowing green rocks instead of destroying them.  J’on explains that his entire species was wiped out because a group of aliens with superior powers and if they had been prepared the story would have been very different, but after Cadmus is able to steal enough Kryptonite to create two Metallos, J’on encases the remaining Kryptonite and gives it to Superman for safe keeping.

Defeating Metallo

In the end Supergirl figures out that in order to defeat both Metallos both she and Clark need to team up with someone who can hold their own in a fight.  Superman and the Martian Manhunter take out the second Metallo in Metropolis.  Alex Danvers gets the opportunity to wear her power suit from Season 1 with her Sister to take out the John Corben Metallo.

Kara’s Personal Life

Kara Danvers Shrug

Kara’s personal life appears to have taken a back seat in this episode but there were some notable events that took place.  Cat Grant announced that she would be taking a Leave of Absence from Catco in order to chase and find new passions leaving Jimmy Olsen in charge while she was gone. Kara’s new boss doesn’t like her very much.  Kara considers leaving National City with Superman, but Alex is able to convince her that she is loved and needed in National City, Clark goes home, and oh yeah… the guy from the Pod wakes up after using Electricity to heal himself and does not seem extremely friendly to Kara.

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