Arrow S:5 E:03 – “What Matters Most”

Arrow S:5 E:03 – “What Matters Most”

Arrow S:5 E:03 – “What Matters Most”

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Sorry about episode 2 guys. It just wasn’t going to happen. But here I am talking about episode 3 and…. You know what? It actually wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, Arrow has a long road ahead to get viewership trust back, but this was a good step: The new Team Arrow, Ollie’s new position as mayor, and the flash back sequences all appealed to me. By the way, I’m considering Oliver’s dealings with his new task force as mayor and Thea’s PR disaster as two separate storylines for this review.
arrowFirst, the new Team Arrow is not Laurel and Thea (I didn’t mind Diggle on the team before except his Magneto helmet). The new team is a lot more entertaining. The team has a great chemistry, which is demonstrated between Felicity struggling with the fact that she destroyed the home town to one of the members and Ollie needing to realize that he needs to take responsibility for the team’s actions.
The new mayor role adds a bit of a balancing act that legitimately serves a risk factor in the show. It may not have been apparent in this episode, but I can imagine that future episodes will really stress the difficulty of living as both a vigilante and elected official.
The parallel between Oliver’s dealings with the Bratva and his methodology for running a younger team was a nice add on. I really didn’t enjoy season three’s excessive flashback storyline because it interrupted the flow of the storytelling. This week, it only served as an emphasis for the present and was in my opinion pretty effective.
Unfortunately the episode was divided among too many smaller storylines for the good parts to matter too much. Thea’s PR disaster and John Diggle’s time in jail had potential, but that’s already 5 plotlines in 40 minutes of air time. Overall, the good parts were too short because of all the stories that the show is trying to tell. This was obvious during Felicity’s apology scene which seemed incredibly short and rushed to be included in the final cut of the episode.
Some quick points:
-Rhodes and Stardust? And Ollie commenting that a vigilante using a hockey mask was cool? Nice touch.
-I wonder how Felicity’s weird hasty apology is going to affect the team dynamics

Arrow S:5 E:03 – “What Matters Most” - overview
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