Flash S:3 E:03 – “Magenta”

Flash S:3 E:03 – “Magenta”

Flash S:3 E:03 – “Magenta”

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the_flash_3-3Magenta/This week on Flash carried a few surprises that I really enjoyed. I cheered the return of Harrison Wells and Jesse. Wells, or rather Tom Cavanagh, is tied for my favorite part of this whole show (tied with Grant Gustin as Barry Allen). Seeing him return and state that he and Jesse need to stay for a while gave me a weird sense of security. Unfortunately this was not his best episode; his constant use of “NOT!” and his lack of witty dialogue were negatives. But his overall performance was welcome and I’ll be looking forward to more coming from him.
The episode weakly covered the issues of domestic abuse and barely had a proper resolution to it. It was sacrificed in order to give the spot light to Jesse’s emerging powers and Wally’s lack thereof. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. I hope Jesse Quick’s tenure as a normal part of Team Flash lasts at least for the season. Seeing her joy at exploring her powers is reminiscent of Barry’s excitement from season 1. The show used this against Barry and Joe when they tried to explain to Wally that powers aren’t nearly so great as they seem. Who could blame Wally for notthe-flash-season-3-episode-3-magenta-promo believing them? I’m not sure if the characters believed it themselves either, which I think was the intention of the writers for this episode. If that is the case, then they did a great job.
The writers will need to develop the big bad (appearing to be Dr. Alchemy) fairly well if they want him to be a legitimate threat against two speedsters with Wally eventually joining the fray.
Tom Felton’s part is by far the weakest part of the series. He doesn’t add any real function to the show except to berate Barry, which unintentionally targets the audience as he explains to Barry what he’s doing. He’s just an annoyance so far, but I’m willing to see how this develops over the season. I stated this before, but I have money on Felton being involved with the big bad somehow.
Some quick points:
-I’m not sure if I’m digging Cisco’s brooding too much. I know he lost his brother, so I’ll give him some more time.
-No Killer Frost powers yet. Oh well
-Wally will probably pay Dr. Alchemy a visit.

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