Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2: The Justice Society of America

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2: The Justice Society of America

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2: The Justice Society of America

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The JSA!!!! When we last left the Legends, they were about to be arrested by the Justice Society of America. Naturally the JSA is concerned the Legends are impersonating OSS agents. So what happened after that? Let’s take a look.


As things often go in superhero team up episodes the two teams fight first. Which is pretty cliché but also awesome because we get to see the JSA in action for the first time. Vixen’s animal abilities are probably the powers we see the most ; we only get a few glimpses of Obsidian’s badass shadow powers, Stargirl’s cosmic Staff, and Dr. Mid-Nite’s ability to see in the dark. Also, it doesn’t seem like Commander Steel has any powers though that’s never really explained. Also we don’t really see Hourman do anything.

Honestly though we don’t see too much of anyone’s powers throughout the entire episode; which is one of the few complaints I have about it. The thing you do get to see is how well the team works together.  That’s a contrast to the Legend’s regular ‘fighting with each other as we fight the bad guys’ style.

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2-justice-society-of-america-team-photoThings between the JSA and the Legends are resolved once Dr. Heywood proves to Commander Steel that he is his grandson from the future. He does this by showing Commander Steel the dog tags that were handed down to Heywood. The JSA decides they will let the legends go free if they willingly leave. Dr. Stein agrees to leaving, he’s been suddenly thrust into the team leader position with Rip being gone and Hourman kind of just assumed he was because he’s old, or ‘experienced’ as Stein put it. Once they’re back on the ship the Legends vote Stein their official captain, much to Jax’s reluctance. Stein then decides to make the first order of business getting Heywood to leave the team. That’s when things get all time travel-y.

Sara goes to convince Heywood to leave for his own good but when he goes to grab the dog tags around his neck they’re no longer there. He mentions how he’s never taken them off since he was a kid, and that they must have disappeared, Back to the Future like. Sara quickly realizes that history is changing and Heywood takes a look at his historian notebook and realizes that it says the JSA is killed in the mission they had just gone off to when the Legends left.

That’s a bit of a plot hole because how would that notebook be written much less brought onto the Waverider if Commander Steel was killed in 1942. That would mean he never had his son in 1955 which means he never had Nate Heywood, but these things do happen from time to time in time travel shows. Realizing that they needed to save Commander Steel to ever try and return Heywood to the future they go back to try and save the JSA.

“Fighting Nazis is kind of our thing”

Since it’s 1942 and the JSA is basically a covert super powered commando team they are going after a Nazi commander by the name of Baron Krieger. Stein comes up with a plan to get into the club where Krieger is usually found by impersonating Hitler’s favorite singer. They manage to get in and Ray finds Vixen, everything is going smoothly until Stein gets asked to sing.

There’s a small reference to Back to the Future again; “Key of A, follow my lead and try to keep up”. He sings well legends-of-tomorrow-season-2-justice-society-commander-steel-vixenand the crowd is pleased; you get a sense like this might work out just fine for everyone but then Ray happens. The same guy that had been interrogative with Stein noticed Dr. Palmer didn’t salute the fuhrer. Ray tried to explain it away and lie, but when it’s requested he do so again he punches the guy. A bar fight ensues and the JSA has to come in and rescue the Legends.

While they were in the club gathering intel Heywood managed to overhear what Krieger was after: the Askaran Amulet. Unbeknownst to the Legends or the JSA Krieger was trying to trade this artifact from Hitler’s secret collection for a “serum” from Eobard Thawne. Both teams then plan an assault on the convoy that will be transporting the amulet.

I tried to do some research on the Askaran Amulet but came up with squat. There is no information on an ‘Askaran’ amulet in any DC site or in the real world for that matter. However it was mentioned that it may have occult properties as in magic stuff. That would really fit the theme here what with Vixen and Osidian’s father Green Lantern Alan Scott all having magic based powers.

While there is no Askaran Amulet in DC comics it does bear a resemblance to the Amulet of Anubis. Regardless of if the amulet is something new or something based in the comics one thing’s for sure: it’s for Darhk. We saw Darhk and Thawne had teamed up last episode and since Darhk is always about having more magical power it’s safe to assume the amulet is for him to use. Now the question is what do they want to do with the amulet and what are its powers.

Why can’t we all just get along?

There are a lot of team dynamic issues to look at in this episode. We’ve always known that the Legends aren’t a well-oiled machine and that is part of their appeal, watching them grow, but in comparison to the JSA they really suck in the teamwork area. Not to mention their powers, last season they had Hawkgirl’s power, Captain Cold’s brain, and Rip Hunter’s time travelling expertise; this season they’ve started out with two less teammates and a missing captain.

They may have added Heywood to the mix but he’s just a historian and a hemophiliac which is really not much help. To top it all off we also have Ray going through a bit of a crisis, all because he’s one of the lesser qualified members of the Legends and Vixen called him out because he believed he was a hero, and Stein trying to take the lead of the team but not really being the right person for it.

When both Ray and Vixen are captured by Nazi’s, thanks to Thawne’s “serum” there’s some conflict between the Legends and the JSA. Hourman wants to destroy the area where the Nazi’s are located with their teammates in it while Sara wants to go in and save them. Naturally Hourman pulls rank and says it’s not her place, but just then Stein does the right thing and steps down as captain.

Ray proves just how much of a hero he really is. He decides to help with recreating the serum to save Vixen’s life; something she extremely disapproves of. He enhanced the serum then he frees them both from their captors, by using a microscope. He was about to use his enhanced serum when they’re captured again. That’s when the team storms the bunker and rescues them both. Unfortunately for Commander Steel he is forced to fight Super Krieger, luckily his grandson was there to save him and help him run as the bombs hit Krieger and both of them.

Since Heywood is a hemophiliac the bomb blast really affected him. It seemed like he was going to die but Ray saves the day just in the nick of time; he gives Heywood the enhanced serum and saves him. There don’t seem to be any side effects from the serum yet, but as we know Nate is set to become Citizen Steel and it seems like this will be the thing to do it.

Wrapping Up

The show ends in a pretty good place for the most part. Sara is the new captain and the JSA part as friends. Commander Steel gives his grandson a pep talk, Vixen apologizes to Ray for being a jerk and admits he is a hero. Then we see something very shocking: Rex Tyler is killed. Reverse Flash manages to get in to JSA headquarters and Kills Rex Tyler. Many questions come to mind: What the hell? How will this affect the timeline? Does this mean Rex never warned the Legends in the first place? Why does Reverse Flash need the amulet so bad?

The show is very good about leaving you with questions; there’s still a few that we’ve been asking for a while and they don’t seem like they’ll be answered yet: Where is Rip? Where is Snart? How is Snart alive again? Why can’t Jax get a date with Stargirl? Alright that one’s new but still. Also, when will we see that backstory on Obsidian that was teased before? Well there’s still plenty of time to answer these questions and ask a few others. Wonder what will happen next, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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