The Flash S:3 E:04 – “The New Rogues”

The Flash S:3 E:04 – “The New Rogues”

The Flash S:3 E:04 – “The New Rogues”

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First things first: Iris and Barry’s relationship is weird. They are practically brother and sister and now they are making out on the screen. There were times when I was totally sympathetic with Joe and his feelings about his daughter and adoptive son cleaning each other’s teeth in front of him. Joe and even Barry admitted on screen thatthe-flash-season-3-episode-4-mirror-master that was strange for the situation they grew up in, so why is it so weird to Iris that her dad feels that way? In fact, I’m willing to place money that a majority of the audience feels that the relationship is creeping a bit on the incestuous side. Not only that, but you don’t shut a movie off to pick a fight with your dad and boyfriend in front of another couple in the room. Are you really that upset that you couldn’t act as an adult to discuss it later in private? “Dad, I know Barry and I grew up in the same house since we were kids, but seriously!”
All I’m saying is that I totally understand Joe’s awkwardness and Iris was being harsh.
Some good developments occurred in this episode. I’d rather you just go and watch it, but here are a couple of highlights I really enjoyed:
Tom Cavanagh
I could end the list right there. He is one talented man. He has played some weird complicated roles in the three years this show has been running. Let me attempt to list them:
A brilliant scientist
Reverse Flash
the-flash-season-3-episode-4-jesse-quickReverse Flash from the future playing a brilliant scientist in the past to stay hidden from Barry
Reverse Flash from the future playing a brilliant scientist in the past who discovers that future Barry knows who he is and becomes the antagonist of the episode
You get the idea. Tom is brilliant, and this episode has a few moments where his skills are put to the test. Now it looks like we are going to have a third version (actually, fifth or sixth?) running around. I’m disappointed that Earth 2 Wells is bailing, but I hope we see him again. Also, I ran into a preview for next week’s episode and it looks like this new version of Wells is no exception to a shady background.
The villains are… meh. There wasn’t much to connect these new rogues with the “Rogues” of the Flash universe. I never read the comics, but from what I understand they play a huge role in antagonizing Flash. Unforuntately this episode falls short of giving them the necessary spot light.
I’m leaving it at that. Again, go watch the episode. It’s great. Time for the highlights
-Tom Cavanagh
-Tom Cavanagh
-Tom Cavanagh (you can’t trust a mime)
-Tom Cavanagh
-Oooo, Caitlyn, your powers are showing!
See you next week

The Flash S:3 E:04 – “The New Rogues” - overview
Tom Cavanagh
4.5 Good

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