‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Three ‘Sin-Eater’ And Four ‘Lady Parts’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Three ‘Sin-Eater’ And Four ‘Lady Parts’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Three ‘Sin-Eater’ And Four ‘Lady Parts’ [spoilers]

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Spoilers for episodes three and four of Lucifer.

I apologize with how late these are but I was in New York for Comic-Con and then on vacation. Lucifer is currently showing two completely different sides of itself and that became apparent with the drastic tonal changes between episodes three and four. A show that varies in tone can be good because it keeps things interesting but in this case I’m not entirely sure it was the best move. It made the episodes, more so episode four, look like an entirely different show and maybe even indicate that the writers aren’t even sure what kind of show they are writing.


The third episode was very similar to the other episodes this season. The case this week involved a social media network and a serial killer that forced the victim to apologize for the terrible deeds before, ironically, killing them. The killer is set up as the judge, jury and executioner which is something that Lucifer personally doesn’t like. He seems to label himself as the only one who is worthy of judging people in this way and wants to confront the killer simply so he can get in their heads. The episode brings up something that is a very real problem on the Internet; harassment and bullying. The various victims had done things like post videos of someone getting their crotch lit on fire as a joke or a sex tape that is very much revenge porn. However, the show doesn’t seem too keen to really dig into this very real issue so it left me wondering why they would use the ‘social media as a weapon’ angle at all

The subplot of the episode is where the plotline gets interesting as it continues to deal with Charlotte and her interaction with her children. We see that Amenadiel is losing his angelic powers, perhaps hinting that he could have been cast out of Heaven, but he isn’t talking to anyone about it. Lucifer ultimately decides not to send Charlotte back to Hell and says that her punishment will be to live as a human among the creatures she despises. The episode ends with Charlotte throwing a mugger against a wall implying that she still very much has some powers. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan are trying to figure out how their separation is affecting Trixie, and when it is implied that Chloe is going to ask for a reconciliation, Dan says they should get a divorce.


The fourth episode is where the juxtaposition of the different tones was very apparent. This episode felt very much like the show was trying to be a comedy which didn’t really make sense to me. The case itself is not very interesting as it deals with an underground sex club and escorts, but the show decided that this was the episode where they weren’t going to lean on the case at all and focus on two different nights out. The first is a girls night out with Chloe, Linda, Ella and Maze that ends with a drunken bar brawl. Maze was there on a bet from Lucifer but she seems to have warmed up to Chloe by the end of the ladies night. Ella is proving to be an interesting new character and they aren’t constantly making her faith an issue with Lucifer.

The second night out was with Amenadiel, Lucifer and Dan as they infiltrate the club where the two victims had been. We get to see Amenadiel get drunk to deal with his powers fading and the whole thing felt very awkward. It was like two nights you would see out of a romantic comedy with strange scenes of Lucifer apparently finding out about smart phones for the first time despite having been on Earth for five years. These attempts at humor don’t really work so the entire episode was pretty flat, with the only interesting thing being the friendship between the four ladies. Maze has never liked Chloe and the fact that the episode ends with the two of them becoming roommates will make for interesting character moments; however, it still felt like something out of a different show. The episode ends with Amenadiel pointing out that he made a deal with God to bring Charlotte back in exchange for Chloe’s life and that Lucifer didn’t keep up his end of the deal. Lucifer comes to this realization as a car hits Chloe’s with the implication being that God is going to take Chloe’s life since that is what Lucifer bargained for.

Lucifer is a show that feels like it might be heading down the sophomore slump that most shows go in it’s second season. The fourth episode might be an outlier, but if the rest of the season proves to be just as inconsistent it will hurt the show overall. We are four episodes into the second season and it almost feels like Lucifer isn’t sure what kind of show it actually wants to be. The mythology and the characters are the things keeping me interested and I hope the show focuses more on that going forward.

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