Supergirl and Racial Profiling – S:2 E:3

Supergirl and Racial Profiling – S:2 E:3

Supergirl and Racial Profiling – S:2 E:3

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[Major Spoilers Below]

This week is the first week of Supergirl without Clark Kent but it starts off right where last week’s episode left off. The mystery Alien from the pod has woken up, and escaped from the DEO. The thinly veiled commentary on racism and racial profiling in America also continues. The Episode starts with the President coming to National City to sign an Alien Amnesty Program, but it appears that not all humans or aliens support Amnesty.

The News Room

James Olsen

Things appear to be the same at Catco with Jimmy in charge until Snapper Carr hijacks his meeting. Snapper reassigns reporters to different stories undermining James’ authority. This is the first time that I can remember James being written as a weak character. You don’t have to worry though ultimately James gets his mojo back by reminding Snapper who is actually in charge. A truce is called for and things are back to status quo.

One of the changes that Snapper makes is taking Kara off of covering the President herself but having her go and interview Lena Luthor. I actually agreed with Snapper on this call. You don’t send a brand new reporter with only one story under her belt to interview the President. It would be better to send her to interview someone that she already has a connection with.


As it turns out Lena Luthor takes a complicated view on aliens. She is okay with them living among humans but wants to know who is who. To this end Lex Corp created a device that identifies aliens. Kara points out that this will be used for profiling and that it goes against what America stands for. The speech that Kara gives is okay but to be honest its more the sentiment than the words that are memorable.

Even Good People Can Make Mistakes

When the President gets off of Air Force One She is immediately attacked by what appears to be heat blasts. The mysterious escaped alien is the prime suspect. Supergirl grows much more suspicious when she finds out that he’s from Daxom and not Krypton. Where is Daxom? It is in the same galaxy that Krypton was and there was a big war between the two worlds. Do you remember how Kara was all about giving aliens the benefit of the doubt while talking to Lena Luthor? Apparently she doesn’t, and she racial profiles him like crazy. Side note, why is it that all aliens that gain super powers while on earth instantly know how to control them? Eventually Kara realizes that she’s being no better than Lena Luthor and extends an olive branch to the new Daxomite, Mon-El.


Lynda Carter

Many Presidents would be a little flustered by being attacked by a rogue alien that believes that their Amnesty bill is just a secret registration law. Luckily this Earth’s US President is played by former Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. She even makes a joke about another jet when Kara is impressed by Air Force One. The President ends up signing the Amnesty in the safety of the DEO. She also urges J’onn J’onzz to spend sometime out and about in his Martian form. What is the last thing she does in this episode? She walks out of the room and blinks a pair of alien eyes.

The Last Daughter of Mars


J’onn decides to visit an underground alien bar to try out his Martian form.  While there he meets a human looking Megan Morse. Megan quickly explains that she has to leave but when J’onn follows her he finds out that she is also from Mars and shifts into a female Green Martian. We will see if she is actually a green martian though because in the comics she is a White Martian (the race that wiped out the Green Martians) that usually looks like a human with green skin.

Overall this episode was entertaining but the acting is feeling forced. Its really noticeable when they are talking about racism with Extra Terrestrial aliens and not just immigrants. I love this show, but can definitely feel the absence of Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant. She seemed to be the glue that held the entire cast together. I’ll reserve judgement for later since the cast is getting used to new filming locations and roles. I hope they figure it out fast.

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