‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Six ‘Monster’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Six ‘Monster’ [spoilers]

‘Lucifer’ Season Two Episode Six ‘Monster’ [spoilers]

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Spoilers for episode six of Lucifer

It’s not uncommon for television shows to fall apart in the second season. Maybe the showrunners don’t expect to get renewed and they haven’t planned for a second season. There are a million reasons why but sometimes a show can get better in its second season. While the first season of Lucifer was something I personally really enjoyed I know that there were a lot of people that didn’t. The comic purists weren’t happy to see such drastic changes to the story and the procedural element could throw a lot of people off. However, the second season has been getting steadily better and episode six continues the dramatic rise in quality from last week.


While last episode we got to see Lucifer deal with the immediate aftermath of killing Uriel, this episode is more focused on the fact that everyone deals with grief in different ways. Lucifer is lashing out and acting out in a way that makes sense for his character. He doesn’t know how to deal with this so he’s sleeping around, drinking as much as humanly possible, blowing off his therapy sessions with Linda and lashing out at Chloe. All of these reactions are relatable to how everyone tends to deal with grief. Meanwhile, we also get to see Amenadiel deal with it in a much different way with the help of his mother as he finally decides that he is done trying to please his father. I have a feeling that this is a long con by his mother to bring more angels to her side but, at the moment, she still appears to be a good guy.

The case this week deals with a sniper that is taking out the loved ones of the people that he feels were responsible for his wife’s death. It leads to a truly fantastic scene at the end with Lucifer egging the sniper on to shoot him because he feels like he deserves it. Lucifer realizes that the sniper is lashing out at everyone else because he blames himself and Lucifer decides to go see Linda. Linda, however, is done dealing in what she thinks are metaphors. For the first time in the series Lucifer reveals his true face to someone he isn’t trying to punish and Linda does not take it well. She sits in complete shock until Lucifer leaves.

The other running subplot that helped bring some levity to the episode is the ongoing adventures of Chloe, Trixie and Maze living together. This ends in a great moment of Maze taking Trixie trick-or-treating. When Trixie says Maze she needs a costume she tells Trixie to close her eyes and reveals half of her true face which looks like something someone would wear on Halloween. Trixie isn’t afraid and Maze seems very pleased by this.

Overall, this episode was just as good as the previous one. Tom Ellis has really been able to test the limits of acting as he portrays a much different Lucifer than the one we met at the beginning of season one and the show is better for it. As long as it continues to put the mythology and the characters first and the procedural stuff second the show is only going to improve.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM eastern / 8PM central on FOX.

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