Arrow, S: 5, Review Catch up

Arrow, S: 5, Review Catch up

Arrow, S: 5, Review Catch up

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I finally got around to writing the reviews! This review has been weeks coming, I know. The holidays are a busy time for everybody, so let’s hope I can stay a little more on top of the reviews.
There is a lot to go over for the episodes, so let’s get started:
I think John’s desire to serve a jail sentence as Penance for killing his brother was a weak motive. Whatever. What I really enjoyed was Team Arrow’s dynamic without Oliver being in the lead. We got to see Ragman in action, both in his costume and as Rory repairing relations with Felicity. He is a lot more fleshed out as a character now and I’m grateful for that. The episode did a fantastic job however at showing how capable everyone was when they are working together.

Arrow -- "Penance" -- Image AR504a_0412b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Joe Dinicol as Ragman, Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt, Madison McLaughlin as Evelyn Sharp and Rick Gonzales as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The flashbacks seem to be doing their own thing now, which is nice. I always thought that it was way too convenient that the flashbacks correlated so well with the present in the same timeline. I feel like what’s supposed to be the final season of flashbacks is doing a lot to introduce the Oliver Queen we knew in season 1.
Human Target:
I had to do a double take when I saw that Wil Traval play Christopher Chance/Human Target in this episode. I was expecting him to take a Red pill and proceed to kick everyone’s trash. He didn’t but he was still a solid addition to the cast this week.
Oliver’s role as mayor took a big piece of the spot light this week. I enjoy seeing him do some wrestling with politicians as Mayor Queen. It shows that he still cares for his day life persona and tries to do as much as he can to keep it up.

I really liked the attention given to Wild Dog this week. Everything from digging his own grave to his mentor/protégé relationship with Diggle did well to give him credibility as a character for me.
Mr. Chad Coleman did a fantastic job ending his reign as Tobias. That scene where he was intimidating Rene was a great bit. It was sad to see his throat punctured by Prometheus. I wanted to see more of him sometime later in the season.
Overall, the characters were really well written for this episode.
So It Begins:
The biggest thing that I got from this episode was the revelation that Prometheus was someone connected to the SCPD. The ending scene that implied that Quentin has something to do with the string of killings was a false trail I feel. I could be wrong; Lance has lost everything short of his life thanks to Oliver’s meddling with the city and it would serve as a fantastic motive. I doubt that he has had time in between seasons to pick up enough fighting skills to rival Oliver and score throat shots at all of those victims. There are theories that Prometheus is actually Adrian Chase that sound promising (I can’t take credit for this theory, so here is the source if you want to read up on it: )
I felt that the panic scene with a bunch of civilians firing guns into the darkness was a lost opportunity. I’m not exactly sure why, but it should have been more impactful. Though it was pretty cool that Oliver was able to fire an arrow straight into a gun barrel.
It seemed that the past episodes have been trying to give each member of Team Arrow some screen time for character development. Two weeks ago it was Rory, then Rene, and now we have Artemis this week. Her mistrust in Oliver was reasonable I thought, though she didn’t really have any character defining moments like her colleagues. For Rory, it was coming to terms that Felicity and he had to work together. For Rene, he had to come to grips with his failure, revealing Oliver’s name to Tobias Church, being debriefed by Diggle, and then getting back on the field. For her though, it was “I’m sorry, I was a jerk.” No, actually she wasn’t. She was within reason to be upset that not only was her mentor keeping secrets, but that he was a killer just a few years prior. I’m not saying Oliver didn’t have a reason to hide it, but her anger was justified. It made her development weak in comparison to others, so I hope we get a little more of her later in the season.
The Bratva storyline is really starting to pick up. Mainly because actor Dolph Lundgren is playing Kovar (Ivan Drago from Rocky IV). The guy is intimidating. I love it and I want to see more of him.


Overall, Arrow is finally starting to pick up momentum and capture some of the magic that made season 1 and season 2 fantastic. It seems that the writers are trying to follow J. J. Abrams recipe for success with Star Wars Episode 7. Here are a couple of quick points that I want to point out:
-Despite the lineup of new hero trainees, the inner circle has shrunk from previous seasons back down to Oliver, John, and Felicity.
-Ollie has been back in his old costume.
-Prometheus is the new “Dark Arrow” which was Merlyn’s persona in season 1’s Christmas episode
-The list that was prominent in season 1 has made a return.
-Killing has been back on the table for this season
Arrow is still not as good as Flash, but depending on the villain dynamics we might actually get a good season since season 2. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Wild Dog
3.8 Good

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