The Catch-Up (Part 1)

The Catch-Up (Part 1)

The Catch-Up (Part 1)

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Alright so this one’s going to be a bit long. I have fallen WAY behind and haven’t had a chance to get all the way caught up. Unfortunately life gets in the way of the things we love. Anyways, this’ll be part one of my catchup I’ll make sure to get the rest of it done soon.



We start up right where the last left our Legends.  Heywood is still napping after being injected with the Nazi serum Ray redesigned. Vixen has taken it upon herself to get justice for Hourman. She believed Mick was the one that killed Rex so she went after him. Just when she was about to kill Mick, Heywood stepped in and saved the day Citizen Steele like.

While attempting to control Nate’s powers he and Ray manage to break the ship and get themselves stranded. They fall from the sky into mid-17th century Japan. Sarah and the rest of the team attempt to rescue them but as Mick eloquently put it they’re screwed.  As usual they both manage to get themselves into trouble. Ray has his armor taken away and is then tortured. Nate gets taken in by a villager who, it turns out, is supposed to marry the shogun the next day.

There’s so many things going on in this episode it’s a bit difficult to keep track of it all. Sarah, Mick and Vixen all decide to go out and attempt a rescue. This proves a bit difficult since Vixen and Mick still have some issues to work out (more on that later).  Jax and Stein meanwhile stay behind and try and repair the ship; they soon discover that there is a compartment that Rip had been keeping a secret from everyone.  There’s a ton of things to explore in this episode; so let’s go ahead and move on to the review and the ending of the episode.


The Wrap Up

In the end Ray manages to defeat the shogun, with some help from Masako and Nate. Ray learns that, even though legends-of-tomorrow-season-2-justice-society-stargirl-obsidianhe has no powers, he is still an important part of the team. Important thing to learn since his suit is destroyed. The question now arises: what will happen to the Atom?

Nate managed to use his powers and helped Ray and Masako defeat the shogun. He not only learned to use his newly gained powers; but he also understood that he CAN be the hero, regardless of his weaknesses. Master Yoda taught him well.

Overall this episode does a wonderful job of wrapping up loose ends from the last episode and raises some questions. Ray comes to terms with the fact that he doesn’t have super powers. Vixen realizes that Mick isn’t all bad and they (sorta) end the episode on good terms. Nate learns to control his powers a bit more and saves the village gets the girl (who goes on to be Katana’s ancestor); all while making great pop culture references and just being a bit of a dork. Oh yeah, and Mick proves ninjas were real all along. There are some questions that still weren’t answered: Where is Rip? Why did Reverse Flash kill hourman? But the biggest one is probably: what the hell did Barry’s message say? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Team dynamics, watching heroes grow as people and gain control of their powers, all while fighting samurai and some ninjas; seriously one of my favorite episodes so far.



Right away I thought I would like this episode and there’s many reasons to like it: it takes place during the civil war, there’s zombies involved and I’m way behind on my zombie fix since I haven’t been able to keep up on the Walking Dead, and there were questions I was hoping would be answered from previous episodes. However that wasn’t the case at all, this has turned out to be my favorite episode so far but not for the reasons I thought. We’ll touch base a little more on why but let’s dive into the episode now.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow --"Out Of Time"-- Image LGN201A_0410.jpg Pictured: Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

We start off as we usually do with a time aberration, thanks to some space pirates this time and an unknown virus that is obviously the zombie contaminant. As was expected Ray gets benched because he no longer has his suit and someone messes up the timeline (and everyone thinks Barry is bad). This time it was Vixen when she tried to save a man who turns out to be a freed slave turned spy for the Union army. He then ends up being killed by some confederate zombies and messes up the timeline because without the confederate troop movements that he was to provide to Gen. Grant the Union lost the war.

Before the team even goes out on the original mission there is one of the most powerful lines I’ve heard in this show. Jax is talking to Stein about Ray getting benched when Stein, who is always trying to protect Jefferson, suggests he stays behind. This is a logical move since this time period is extremely rough especially for people of Jax’s skin tone. This is when Jax says it and I’m just going to have to do a direct quote here: “Okay, now I get it might be difficult for you to understand this, but I’ve been black my entire life, Grey. And honestly I can’t think of a time period we could go to where I wouldn’t face some sort of racism.” It’s an extremely moving statement, especially given the current political climate, and it sets the tone for the rest of the episode.

Just in case confederate zombies and a timeline that needs fixing isn’t enough problems for the team Mick gets bit; leaving the task of curing him to the two doctors: Palmer and Stein. This makes for an interesting team up since neither of them has powers, Ray is still a bit down about not feeling like important to the team anymore and Stein has an irrational fear of zombies. While this just seems like a tangent story just tacked on to give these characters something to do, it actually ends up setting up something else in the end. We’ll talk about that later right now back to the rest of the team.


Now I may focus more on Jax’s side of the story because it’s told as the main story for this episode and a very important social issue still relevant today, but that doesn’t take away from Sara and Nate’s story. It’s no secret that women’s rights weren’t much of a priority during this time period and what with the team having a woman captain it was bound to make things interesting. Right away Nate suggests he be the one to talk to General Grant and Sara seems to be willing to go along with it for a while. However as the story continues Sara takes the helm and eventually gives both the team and the Union a win.

The Thick Of It

Things always have to get worse before they get better. This episode was no different and it happened to all three squads of the team. Mick turned completely and the first vaccine didn’t affect him at all. Jax was captured and chained while attempting to acquire intel at the plantation. Sara, Nate and General Grant are running out of options to take down the hordes of confederate zombies. The team really has it hard this time especially with so many of them unable to use their powers.

Sara was struggling with being the captain and having to make the hard decision. She even told Jax she wasn’t lot_s2_postercomfortable putting more of her people at risk. This becomes apparent when she has a hard time sending Nate in to finish the zombies. It was a Hail Mary to say the least; Nate, who still doesn’t have full control of his powers had to light some crates of nitroglycerin on fire. This would’ve been a difficult enough call but add to that the fact that as a female captain in this time period if she sent him to his death she would have been viewed with twice the scrutiny and after all that Sara Lance has been through I’m really not sure what would have happened to her or the team.

Jax was going to have a rough time on this mission even if everything had gone well. Seeing the way slaves were treated would have left quite an imprint in him regardless of If he had been captured or not. The first scene on the plantation where he and Amaya saw a slave being whipped was truly moving; both Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Franz Drameh did an amazing job of conveying the feelings of hatred disgust and powerlessness their characters felt. The episode only becomes more powerful when Jax is captured and chained. When he sees the lives the slaves have and the things they are subjected to, all the while never losing hope, he is moved to his core and it’s impossible not to feel moved as well.

When Mick turns completely Stein has to overcome his fear of zombies and help Ray administer the serum. As you would expect it didn’t play out as easily as Ray expected it. Stein and Palmer are both forced to hunt down Mick all over the Waverider while trying to figure out how to cure Mick.

The Wrap Up

So many wins this time around. Mick gets cured of his zombieness, Jax gets the intel they needed, and Sara and Nate manage to get rid of the rest of the zombies that were threatening the Union camp. Not to downplay all of these things but there are a few more victories that are possibly more important.

Aside from being able to cure Mick and getting Stein over his fear of zombies this episode brought Mick and Palmer a bit closer together. This was a perfect set up for what happens at the end of the episode which is a big deal. Ray has been dealing with some issues of his own due to him no longer having his ATOM suit and not feeling he has anything to offer the team. After Mick goes back to normal Mick and Ray have a heart to heart culminating in Heatwave giving Palmer Snart’s freeze gun.

I know I’ve said this multiple times but the story that Jax’s character gets in this episode is truly amazing. In the end the plantation owner has an opportunity to survive the onslaught of zombies quickly overrunning everything. Jax gives him the option to work together; an offer which he rejects because he doesn’t want to arm his own slaves. The symbolism in that scene is beautiful. That’s not the only scene that is truly moving, once all the slaves are freed Jax stands and watches the plantation burn and there’s a strong feeling of justice having been served.
Sara finally understands that her team trusts her and depends on her to make the hard decisions. General Grant shares a touching moment with Sarah which we can only hope will make her a better leader.

Overall this episode was wonderful. Quite possibly my favorite even though we didn’t get to see much super-powered action the story more than made up for that fact.

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