World War Hulk: X-Men Limited Series

World War Hulk: X-Men Limited Series

World War Hulk: X-Men Limited Series

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So I have been going back and checking out some tie ins to older Marvel events to see if that helps me get a better grasp on what was happening and see if it adds to my over all enjoyment of the event. This has been a lot of fun, but seeing as I am not done with the whole event yet I cannot say whether I enjoy it more or not. What I can say is that in doing this I have discovered a real gem! The World War Hulk: X-Men Limited series is a stand alone tie in series to the World War Hulk event. It was written by Christos Gage with pencils by Andrea Di Vito, covers by Ed McGuiness, World_War_Hulk_X-Men_Vol_1_2_Textlessand colors by Laura Villari.

The World War Hulk event spins out of the Planet Hulk story where Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Black Bolt voted to send Hulk off the planet so he would not be able to hurt any one ever again. Long story short, his spaceship goes off track he goes to a very bad planet. He then becomes king of this planet finally finding happiness with a wife and soon to be born child, but because he is the Hulk, and the Hulk can’t have nice things, the ship that he cashed in explodes and kills almost everyone on his new planet including his wife and unborn child. This sends Hulk on a rampage back to earth with the survivors to exact his revenge on the people that sent him there.

Hulk arrives and gives the people of Earth 23 hours to deliver Stark, Richards, and Strange to him (Black Bolt has already bee taken care of) or he will smash the entire Planet. So now that we have a little back story we can jump into
the X-Men tie in. It takes place in the 23 waiting period that Hulk has placed on the planet. He decides that he needs to go and talk to Professor Xavier, because Xavier was supposed to be there with Stark, Richards, Strange, and Black Bolt were deciding what to do with the Hulk. Hulk wanted to know how Xavier would have voted had he been there. One of the only X-Men there at the mansion when Hulk arrived was Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast, and he was training a bunch of younger X-Men members including Mercury and Laura (X-23). The Hulk demands to see Charles and tells Beast to move out of the way so he can go find him, of course Beast wont allow this to happen and a fight ensues. The rest of the young X-Men team jumps into help and are for the most part are easily dealt with by Hulk. The one exception would be X-23, she manages to stab the Hulk in his eye with her foot claw before being violently thrown into the forest surrounding the school.

Just as Hulk is about to go back into the school we get the classic SNIKT sound effect followed by a classic Wolverine line saying that its the adults turn now. The next page reveals the arrival of Cyclops, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Emma Frost.  But before the battle can start up Xavier appears to talk to the Hulk. HE tells the Hulk that he would not have voted for his exile but he would have voted to send him away until he could come up with a cure for himself. The Hulk says that he is still coming with him and Xavier agrees, but before that can happen Cyclops says he is not going anywhere and the battle begins again. The adults fair a little better than the kids, but not by much. The Hulk tells them during the fight that they do not know what it is like to feel the loss he has had to endure and that is what is giving him the rage he needs to defeat all of these X-Men. The fight is then joined by Nightcrawler and his team and they have almost no effect on the battle. That is until the Juggernaut shows up and the fight gets so intense that it is threatening to pull down the entire Xavier School and Campus.


The Hulk finally gets away from the Juggernaut and goes to confront Professor X.  Before he can though Mercury, one of the kids that first joined in on the assault jumps in and wraps the Hulk up. She is very easily thrown through the back window of the school where Charles runs after her to see if she is okay. The Hulk is just about to grab Xavier and take him away when Mercury gets up in his face and basically says (and I am totally paraphrasing here), Listen you think that we don’t know what its like to hurt, that we don’t understand what loss feels like? Look around you man! And the panel pulls out to show that they are standing in the graveyard that they have at the X-Manor. She points to one grave and explains how that girl was shot in the head when she was 16 just because she was different. Then she points to another grave and says ‘This mutant lost his powers on M-Day and he loved his powers so much that they were a part of him and now he is dead, so you don’t get to come here of all places and tell us that we don’t understand what its like to loose people, and you can’t expect us to not fight just as hard as you would to protect what we have. After that the Hulk is kind of taken aback and looks over at Xavier and asks him if he thinks that all of the mutant deaths are his fault. Xavier just looks away and as the Hulk leaves he says “I guess you can stay here, because it already looks like you are living in hell”.

I loved these three books so much! It never really hit me until reading this how hard the mutants and the X-Men really have it, and the sense of community that they have formed around what people they have left. I cannot recommend this series enough, you may not like the overall World War Hulk story, but I guarantee you that if you and a fan of the X-Men this will be one that you go back to and read over and over.

Luke Hunsaker
Luke Hunsaker

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