Mike’s Tavern – My First Attempt at Dungeon Tile Making

Mike’s Tavern – My First Attempt at Dungeon Tile Making

Mike’s Tavern – My First Attempt at Dungeon Tile Making

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This will be a short article that will be continued over the 4th of July holiday. I’ve got a couple of more things to do before I run the podcast’s campaign tomorrow. Let’s get right into it. I’m making an attempt at creating some game tiles!

Welcome to my Tavern.
I am finally doing something that I have always wanted to do as a DM: making physical scenery tiles! I am so excited because this is a new level of D&D nerdiness for me.

Even though I wanted to jump right into making the ship that Monster Hunters 4 Hire uses for transport, I figured that I should get into something a little more simple. I’m basically following Black Magic Craft’s modular dungeon tiles tutorial. You can view his stuff on YouTube and follow the tutorial that I’m following.

First I took a trip to Home Depot to get some insulation foam. The stuff I got was called Foamular and is basically thick styrofoam. Check out the picture to see what it looks like. I got a couple of sheets mainly because I have no idea what amount I should have started with. Besides, these guys were only like $6, so why not get a few sheets. Jo-Ann’s was next where I stocked up on Acrylic Paint, supplies, glue, a cutting board, and some other nifty tools.

When I got home, I immediately began trying to cut a piece of 3″ x 3″ tiles from from the stock foam boards. Immediately I noticed how difficult it actually was to cut this stuff, so I need to find a new method post-haste!

I finally got some pieces cut out and got to work shaping it up. I used a ball-point pen to mark the tiles themselves and emphasized the grooves with an exact-o knife. I drew some cracks, made more exact-o knife marks, then rolled a ball of aluminum foil over the tiles for a cool weathered effect.

I had purchased a glue called Modge Podge and mixed in black Acrylic paint for a base coat. Almost like a sort of primer. The problem with styrofoam is that the stuff can be fragile when roughly handled, so the glue paint mix was meant to give the piece a little bit of protection. I’m currently waiting for the pieces to dry as I’m writing this article.

Once dried, I’ll begin coating the tiles in grey and maybe some brown and green for a grime effect. I have no idea how to mix paints, so I’m sure this will turn out horrible. At least the process is pretty fun!

After it’s completely painted, I’ll coat the tiles in some polyurethane. I hear that there is a spray form that doesn’t melt foam, so I’m going to look into it and give it a try.

When I become experienced in the way of dungeon tile making, I plan to build a few more complicated structures. Buildings, wild lands, and full dungeons are all on the table as a possible project. I won’t be able to incorporate this into the campaign for a while since I need to build up my arsenal.

And that’s about it! Sorry for the short post. I need to review the campaign and get to bed so I don’t have to give out free XP tomorrow for being late. I’ll post the results when I finish the tiles.

Happy Tile Making everybody!.


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