Phasma: A Star Wars Novel Review

Phasma: A Star Wars Novel Review

Phasma: A Star Wars Novel Review

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September has been the month of everyone’s favorite chrome plated First Order trooper Captain Phasma, you could even say September has been “Phanstastic”! Yeah? Any takers? Okay. I’ll go, but first let me tell you about the Phasma Novel, and a little about the comic series. The Phasma novel takes place shortly before the Force Awakens and is a part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi campaign, they did the same thing for the Force Awakens and Rogue One. The novel is written by┬áDelilah S. Dawson and follows two new characters, Vi Moradi a resistance spy, and Captain Cardinal of the First Order, as they dig into the past of Captain Phasma to find out all they can about her. Cardinal used to be in charge of the entire Storm Trooper program until Phasma came along. Now they have split duties, with Cardinal training the children and Phasma in charge of the adults. Now I am going to give a light spoiler warning


Vi Moradi is returning from a mission when General Leia Organa asks her to divert to a section of space where they have been loosing contact with the agents. She arrives to be immediately captured by the First Order. Cardinal takes Vi to an underground secluded torture room and begins to interrogate her to find out all she knows about Phasma. After a while she starts to tell him the story of Phasma, that she is from the planet┬áParnassus. Parnassus was once a beautiful paradise that sustained a large mining conglomerate, until things went horribly wrong leaving it a hard desolate place that is slowly being over taken by the sea in some areas, where others have become flesh eating beetle infested deserts. We find out that Brendol Hux, father of now General Armitage Hux, crash landed on Parnassus where he met Phasma and her people that are being led by her and her brother. The book goes on to tell the adventure that Phasma and Brendol had to get back to his ship to call the First Order to come and retrieve them. Cardinal learns this story and more, but I do not want to spoil the rest of the novel for you. So if you want to know more I highly suggest you pick it up! One last thing, you will find out where Phasma’s armor comes from, and its awesome!

First off I would like to say that the new characters introduced in this book have been some of my favorite so far. Vi is kind of a smart ass but she also knows what she is doing. Cardinal is one of those characters that in the beginning all you see is the enemy, but after a while there is a kind of nobleness to him that endears him to the readers. I really hope that they turn back up in another book and soon!

Also this month gave us the first issue of the Captain Phasma comic book from Marvel Comics. This 4 issue comic series is going to fill in a few blanks, one of them being. How did Phasma get out of the trash compactor and off planet before Starkiller base exploded? Well you wont have to wait very long because they cover that in the very first issue. I am very excited to keep up with this series and see where it goes!

Overall I give both the novel and the first issue of the comic series top marks, i enjoyed both thoroughly and cannot wait until the Last Jedi hit theaters this December.

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