Now You’re Playing With Power, SUPER POWER!

Now You’re Playing With Power, SUPER POWER!

Now You’re Playing With Power, SUPER POWER!

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Welcome back! This latest article will cover another childhood favorite of mine, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom, or SNES, whatever you called it it was amazing. So some of my first memories of the SNES was, actually, not having one. I grew up in the time where you had one console and you were lucky to have the one you had, getting a second console was just not an option. I was a Sega Genesis kid, that’s what we had so that’s what I lived, and I loved it. That being said there was always this attraction to the Super Nintendo, I mean there is always going to be a draw toward the Mario, Street Fighter, and Mega-man games, but for me it was actually the game Killer Instinct that drew me over the most. I used to sneak over to my neighbors house and play it along with stuff like Star Fox, and Super Star Wars. But the game that made me save up allowance and pester my parents to buy me one was the one and only Donkey Kong Country.

This was Nintendo’s first foray into the 16-Bit console market, which at the time of the SNES release had been dominated by the Sega Genesis. Designed by Masayuki Uemura, the designer of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo was released in North America for $199, and began shipping in limited quantities on August 23, 1991, the official release date was actually September 9, 1991. The SNES launched with few games, but these games were well received, some of those included Super Mario World and F-Zero.

The release of the Super Nintendo really led the Console Wars between Sega and Nintendo to its zenith. From 1988 to 1991 the Sega Genesis was the predominant system in the 16-Bit range, but with the new console Nintendo dove in head first. They could now boast the same, or better in some cases, hardware, graphics, and sound capabilities. The war between Nintendo could have ended very differently, but the in fighting between Sega of America, and Sega of Japan forced the company to abandon their systems before the life time was up just to stay ahead of Nintendo. Nintendo countered by staying with the Super Nintendo until their next project was ready and tested, trademark Nintendo patience paying off in the end. Approximately 49.1 million SNES units were sold worldwide, with 23.35 million of those units sold in the Americas and 17.17 million in Japan.

Best Selling Game: Super Mario World

Super Mario World was the best selling title for the Super Nintendo. It was a launch title released with the system in 1991 and racking up over 20.6 million units sold

Personal Favorite: Killer Instinct

This game was my favorite game growing up, possibly because it was the only one I was actually good at! it was released in 1996, and ended up selling about 3.2million copies. Landing at #11 all time.

Luke Hunsaker
Luke Hunsaker

Luke Hunsaker, also known as The Podcaster Without Fear, is the host of The Nerd Dome Podcast. He also writes a comic book review column on You will also find him as a frequent panelists at Salt Lake City Comic Con, and Fan X.

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    So games like Shadowrun, Demons Crest, Harvest Moon, Actraiser, Ogre Battle, Breath of Fire, Evo, Mystical Ninja, the Super Star Wars games, XMen Mutant Apocalypse, several great Disney platformers, Lost Vikings, Prince of Persia or Battletoads Battlemaniacs don’t make the list, but TWO Mortal Kombat do, despite being highly overrated gimmicky and terrible fighters and being gimped on the SNES compared to their arcade counterparts?! Also, what’s with the lack of SHMUPs?

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