Does Utah Really Need Another Comic Convention?

Does Utah Really Need Another Comic Convention?

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It’s September. The Salt Palace is packed to the brim with fans across all genres; comic books, movies, television shows and novels. The floor is standing room only, with the flow of foot traffic slowly moving from one part of the hall to another. The excitement is there, and there’s a buzz to it. At FanX, there is something for everyone and it’s exciting. I leave a little poorer, but much happier.

And it’s now April. The press release room at Wasatch Comic Con is full, with different podcasts and reporters moving around the room talking to the celebrity guests of the convention; Doug Wagner, Kevin Eastman, Bob McLeod, all familiar names if comic books shaped your childhood. Mistakenly, I had sat with the guests and was interviewed by a YouTube channel. It wasn’t until they asked where I got my start in comics that I realized, “Accessibility is the charm of Wasatch Comic Con.” Also, “Dear God I am 100% in the wrong seat right now.”

This review is not a comparison by any means. Utah needs FanX. But it needs Wasatch Comic Con too.

Walking the floor of this convention for creators offers something rarely experienced at larger conventions, which is an atmosphere of openness. There are comics everywhere, local expert and co-creator of Gull and the Salt City Strangers, Andrew Malin, offers me a seat at his booth. Across from his is Bob McLeod’s. Malin tells me a story of how McLeod is one of the first people to get him into comics as a child. Imagine going to a convention where you sit across from your childhood hero. Imagine a convention where this is completely free.

So we go back to the original question. Does Utah really need another comic convention? The answer is yes. Because with Wasatch Comic Con, I leave a little richer, and much happier.

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