When tragedy strikes, do you become a hero? Or do you become…Ruthless!

When tragedy strikes, do you become a hero? Or do you become…Ruthless!

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We all know the story. When tragedy strikes, a young victim takes up the cowl in the name of justice. They persevere through the negative to become a strong moral compass. Bruce Wayne time and time again spares the Joker, and puts his fate in the hands of the legal system. Captain America bears the iconic weight of the red, white, and blue, striving to protect all the American dream stands for.

As a child, local comic creator Andrew Malin, reflects on the troubles of bullying. Along with his creative partner, Chris Hoffman, both experienced the incessant growing pains of childhood. In times of bullying, we often hear redundant fables of turning the other cheek; embracing the subtle things that make us different and repeated the mantra of how it “gets better.” Be like Bruce. Be like Steve.

Or, maybe even in just thought alone, we can be like Ruth.

When we first meet Ruth, she wears the shirt of her local hero celebrity, the Gray Phantom. We quickly learn that even in the hell she endures daily, this young girl idolizes the hero. Even taking up this mantle to her younger sister, we meet a young character who wants to be like Bruce. She wants to be like Steve.

Malin and Hoffman, however, have other plans with this story…because for every Bruce and Steve, there is a Joker and a Red Mask. There is a Ruth.

This comic walks a brilliantly creative fine line of giving us a villain we can relate to. Ruth has endured trauma, abuse, and so much more. The cool black and white artisty with sharp and concise inking brings a definite tone of this comic. Because at the end of the day, Ruth reaches out to a villain for help, and we meet the demonic-looking Bubak who answers the call and takes a young Ruth under his wing.

Sure, it can better. Sometimes it just takes a little vengeance.

You can find copies of Ruthless from Velleity Studios, and on the shelves at Dr. Volts comics. They are currently running a kickstarter for issue #2, available at the following link:


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