JLA: The Nail – A World Without Superman

JLA: The Nail – A World Without Superman

JLA: The Nail – A World Without Superman

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For want of a nail the shoe was lost,

for want of a shoe the horse was lost,

for want of a horse the knight was lost,

for want of a knight the battle was lost,

for want of a battle the kingdom was lost.

So a kingdom was lost—all for want of a nail.

When Superman first burst into the comic book scene, not even his creators could have imagined the influence he would have on the DC Universe.  Often referred to as the leader of the Justice League, Superman’s iconic boy scout attitude has long shaped the moral compass we often associate to superheroes.

When the Kents get a flat tire resulting in them never discovering young Kal-El’s ship, Alan Davis (Excalibur, Detective Comics), throws the reader into an unraveling universe hungry for Superman’s guidance. 

The Nail is a great read for those who seek the nostalgia of the Silver Age of comics.  The titular characters of the mid-fifties thru 1970 are left whirring by an injured Green Arrow publicly speaking out against them, siding with Metropolis mayor Lex Luthor and his anti-metahuman regime.  Suspecting a greater conspiracy as villains begin to disappear and the public slowly turns against the World’s Finest, Davis does a good job in creating mystery and desperation as more and more heroes succumb to the mysterious looming threat. 

This is a good read for fans of chaos and fast pacing, however you’ll want to brush up on your Silver Age heroes as this storyline is packed with cameos that even book club aficionados had forgotten. 

If you’re interested in other books showing the pain of Superman’s absence and the importance of this moral compass in general, I recommend:

Superman Red Son

Superman Earth One

Kingdom Come

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