The Nerd Dome Podcast is a Utah based nerd podcast. On every Thursday your podcasters cover all things in popular culture from movies, to comics, to television, and offer some various different viewpoints on the subjects. We’re a member of the PodHell Media Network. You can listen to the podcast on PodHell and on iTunes. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Instagram.

‘The Podcaster Without Fear’ Luke Hunsaker
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Comic book reader, Podcast Host, and all around nerd!

‘The Superior’ Kaitlyn Booth
Twitter | Instagram | Website
A film critic for Bleeding Cool and WatchPlayRead, writer, UFCA member, and sports fan.

‘Uncanny’ Ryan Green

All-Star Celebrity Photo-op Collector!

‘The Punducer’ Sam Peebs

Punducing, Punducingly, every Pun-day.

‘The Agitated’ Kyle Steenblik

‘The Spectacular Panda’ Patricia Heltman

A.K.A 5 O’Clock Pat, A.K.A. 20 Buck Pat

‘The Nerdstorson’ Charles Prows

Hailing from the realm of Nerdelstheim!

‘Indecisive’ Chelsy Bloomfield

Currently the hero that Gotham deserves. Facebook

‘Poodinger’ Kiley Wachs

He’s got all the Stuff and Things